Plan your ultimate winter getaway

Scouting out the best places to stay, eat, drink and play is made all the easier when staying at an RACV Resort. With luxe accommodation, impressive amenities and sought-after fine dining experiences all in one place, RACV Resort guests have all the best things in life right at their fingertips.  

Whether it’s a spontaneous weekend getaway or week-long holiday you’ve been planning for months, RACV Resorts in Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland offer privacy and seclusion in easily accessible, well-connected locations.      

Going for a walk to see the sun rise over the ocean, or enjoying a long, lazy brunch after a sleep in - a stay at an RACV Resort can be taken as fast or slow as needed. From a regenerative spa retreat, to an indulgent gourmet getaway, a wildlife-filled adventure in nature or a sunny sojourn up north - a winter break has unlimited potential when staying at an RACV Resort.   

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Discover the great outdoors

Open season: Where to get back to nature this winter

Forget hibernating this winter, avid bushwalkers know that the cooler months offer some of the best conditions to enjoy a hike or bike ride in nature. Perfectly positioned near some of Australia’s best walking trails and scenic lookouts, these RACV resorts in three very different locations tick all the boxes for a winning winter getaway.

Pamper yourself at One Spa

Spa season: Why winter is the best time for a wellness weekend

When was the last time you took your skin on a holiday? Skin is the largest organ in our bodies, yet during winter many of us are guilty of neglecting it at the very time it needs some extra TLC. For the ultimate restorative break that will rejuvenate your skin, a wellness weekend in coastal Victoria in the answer this winter.

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Escape to Queensland

Due North: Why the Sunshine State is the place to be this winter

Could the secret to beating the winter blues be as simple as planning a mid-season getaway to an RACV Resort in Queensland? A growing number of Australians are giving the idea of working through winter the heave-ho and trading in shivering through bitterly cold morning for a leisurely round of golf.

Indulge in a gourmet escape

Southern Comfort: Why savvy foodies are heading south for winter

Winter is a season that divides people. Snow bunnies hope that it will never end while sun worshippers count down the days until it’s over. Regardless of what end of the winter love/hate spectrum you sit on, the cooler temperatures and dark nights provide the ideal atmosphere to enjoy a slow-paced weekend surrounded by the fruits of the earth.

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