Message from the CEO: A cleaner energy future with RACV

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Posted July 07, 2022

It's hard to think of something more important to our lives than energy – it provides the things that sustain our daily lives and continues to transform our society.

We know that for many of you, concerns about energy will have been on your mind recently, as various factors have affected both energy availability and prices. I'm pleased to say that RACV has been working for some time on the role we can play to help Australians transition to a cleaner energy future, and I'd like to share this with you.

Some of you will be familiar with the history of RACV – our founders back in 1903 were motoring enthusiasts and identified the car as an exciting new form of technology. For more than 100 years, we have evolved the products and services we offer to suit the changing needs of Australians.

Today we are seeing a range of new technologies emerge which will see Australia transition from current sources of energy to a cleaner energy future.

RACV, through several investments we have made in the last two years, now has the ability to help all Australians make this transition. We offer cleaner energy products and services including solar panels and batteries through RACV Solar and a home energy trial through Arcline by RACV. We have also invested in electric vehicle charging companies JET Charge, Chargefox and Re:Start and have a new partnership with Hyzon, manufacturers of hydrogen vehicles.

RACV Solar is now one of the largest installers of solar power, both commercial and residential, on the east coast of Australia and last month was the largest installer of home batteries in Victoria.

You now have the opportunity to choose RACV for your cleaner energy needs both at home and on the road.

For example, your house can be provided with cleaner energy from an RACV Solar and battery installation or you can participate in the Arcline by RACV home energy trial which is 100 per cent carbon offset.

If you have a car, which is parked at home, then the power for your new electric vehicle can come from your home via a charger from JET Charge. This car will likely have a battery which will be able to help power your home. RACV Finance* can fund the purchase of your new electric vehicle, or indeed the purchase of a home solar and battery system.

In the future as the technology we have invested in becomes readily available, RACV will look to play an even greater role in your cleaner energy needs.

Should your car breakdown an RACV roadside assist van will turn up and get you going again. Whilst it is being checked out you will be able to receive some extra power from our new mobile charging technology. Once you get going again then you can go to a Chargefox Site – Australia's biggest charging network which we first invested in four years ago, and get your car fully charged for the journey ahead.  And earlier this week we announced the purchase of the remaining shares in Chargefox via an associate business, Australian Motoring Services, of which more details are available below.

After this you can drive safely to your destination which may well be an RACV Resort where all the electricity is cleaner energy from a combination of RACV Solar and power we buy from Snowy Hydro. After a relaxing night's stay your car will be 100 per cent charged again, ready for your return trip.

Over the next few years many of us will be accessing all or some of these cleaner energy solutions. This portfolio of assets we have put together will give all Australians the chance to play their part in a cleaner energy future. We will have more announcements to make in the coming period as we continue to invest in cleaner energy products and services.  


Neil Taylor
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

* R.A.C.V. Finance Limited ABN 82 004 292 291 Australian Credit Licence No. 391488. RACV Finance is subject to RACV lending criteria. Conditions, fees and charges apply.



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