As we move to daylight saving, RACV reminds Victorians to check their smoke alarms

RACV External Communications

Posted September 30, 2023

RACV is encouraging Victorians to take proactive steps to protect their home by completing a thorough check of their smoke alarms as we transition to daylight saving.

The Country Fire Authority (CFA) advises that linking the task of changing your clocks with checking smoke alarms is the best way to keep on top of the vital task.

According to the CFA there is an average of 3,000 house fires in Victoria each year – most of which can be prevented.

RACV Head of Policy James Williams said that the role smoke alarms play in safeguarding lives and property could not be understated.

“An operational smoke alarm can allow us the precious seconds we need to evacuate safely in the event of a fire emergency,” Mr Williams said.

“Smoke alarms require regular checks, ideally every month so that they can function properly when they’re needed most.”

The CFA recommends that all smoke alarms in the home be powered by a 10-year lithium battery, be interconnected and installed in every bedroom, living area and hallway on your property.

Warning signs of fault and age with your smoke alarm include:

  • The smoke alarm unit turning a yellow colour. 
  • A continuous ‘chirp’ sound.
  • Your smoke alarm activating for no reason.

The CFA also recommends testing your smoke alarm battery each month by pressing and holding the smoke alarm's test button until it beeps three times. If there are no solid beeps, or the smoke alarm sounds laboured when testing, it can be a sign the battery needs changing. 

“If you’re unsure how your smoke alarm works, or unable to install or change an alarm yourself, seeking a qualified professional to do the job is the best thing you can do,” said Mr Williams.

RACV reminds rental providers that they have obligations to check and maintain smoke alarms in their rental properties. If renters are concerned that a smoke alarm is faulty, they should raise their concerns with their rental provider.

RACV Trades offers comprehensive smoke alarm services, including inspection, installation, and maintenance.


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