RACV reminds drivers of forgotten road rules

RACV External Communications

Posted February 03, 2020

As more Victorians get out and about over the summer months, RACV is reminding drivers and bicycle riders of forgotten, unknown or unfollowed road rules.

RACV has released a series of videos as a road rules refresher for Victorians, reminding them about the basics like merging, U-turns, roundabouts, understanding yellow traffic lights means and bicycle riding.

“Not only does the warmer months bring with it more families and tourists on our roads, it also means more people are out on their bikes enjoying the weather. Knowing basic rules is an easy way for all road users to stay safe,” RACV Senior Engineer Roads & Traffic Emily McLean said.

“You’d be surprised at how regularly RACV is contacted by members with questions about what the current Victorian road rules are, mainly because people have forgotten, grown complacent or simply never knew what the rules were to begin with.”

The RACV road rules refresher videos include helpful reminders like:

  • Bicycle riders can ride on the road even if there is an off-road path nearby. Two riders can ride next to each other, up to 1.5 metres apart. If there is an on-road bike lane in the direction of travel, they must use it unless it’s not practical.
  • A U-turning driver must give way to all other vehicles and pedestrians. This includes giving way to vehicles turning from a side street, or vehicles turning left out of a slip lane at the intersection or a side street.
  • A yellow traffic light means you must stop if safe to do so – drivers shouldn’t speed up to beat the light.
  • A red-light camera will only activate after the traffic light turns red. If you enter the intersection while the light is green or yellow the camera won’t be triggered.
  • There are two types of merging, and who gives way depends on the line marking. The first is when two lanes join and there is no dashed line. In this case, the vehicle at the rear must give way to the vehicle ahead. The second is where the merging vehicle must cross a dashed line, which means the vehicle crossing the dashed line must give way.

For more information on Victorian Road Rules, visit racv.com.au/roadrules or check out RACV’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube social media channels.


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