It's important to understand the road rules wherever your journey takes you. RACV is often asked to clarify Victoria's road rules and this page has a number of links to help.

Below are explanations of the road rules we are commonly asked to explain. RACV encourages all road users to treat each other with respect, and remember that the rules talk about ‘giving way’ to other road users, and not who has ‘right of way’.  In fact under the rules no user has ‘right of way’.

The Road Safety Road Rules were updated on 1 July 2017. Advice on this page is based on the Victorian Road Safety Road Rules 2009 and RACV is in the process of updating our information based upon the updated Victorian Road Safety Road Rules 2017 (version 30/1/2018) (534 pages). For detailed information on the rules, refer to the rules referenced in each section.

This information on this website is general information only.  The information is not legal advice, and should not be treated as such. RACV does not provide legal advice to Members or the public in relation to particular incidents and you should not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to legal advice.   If you have any specific questions about any legal matter you should consult a lawyer or other professional legal services provider.

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More information

The Victorian Road Rules (Road Safety Road Rules 2017) are also available as a hard copy to purchase from the SAI Global Bookshop at 85 Buckhurst Street, South Melbourne, VIC 3205.  The road rules have over 500 pages and the bookshop prints documents 'on demand'. It is recommended that you telephone SAI Global on 13 12 42 before visiting, in case you need to wait several hours for the rules to be printed.

Languages other than English

VicRoads has translated some information in languages other than English, including the driver handbooks which contain the Victorian road rules. Other information is available in video format that can help with common registration and licensing transactions. More information can be found on the VicRoads website.