A letter from Neil Taylor, MD & CEO

Neil Taylor, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Posted March 19, 2020

Dear RACV Members & customers,

Much continues to change around us as Governments and societies around the world respond to the changing situation of COVID-19.

At RACV, our first and foremost priority remains on making sure that staff and all those who interact with us are kept as safe as possible.

To anyone affected by the Virus at this time, especially those who are sick, and to their family members we hope for a speedy and full recovery. To everyone working in our hospitals and healthcare industry, RACV extends our thanks for your preparations and the work you will be doing in potentially very trying circumstances.

COVID-19 is a challenge Victorians, Australians and the world must face together. Government, businesses and individuals will have to work collaboratively to get the best possible outcome for society. RACV has a role to play and we will endeavour to do that in these challenging times.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, RACV will keep making choices based on the best advice available at the time. As this information changes, so will the choices we make. To that end, from close of business Tuesday 17 March, RACV has temporarily closed RACV owned retail stores across Victoria, as well as spa, pool, gym and barber facilities at all RACV Resort and Club locations across Australia.

The decisions made so far reflect the company’s priority in these unprecedented times on making sure that staff and all those who interact with us are kept as safe as possible.  These service areas of RACV were areas where social distancing was more of a risk for staff and customers, hence the decision to temporarily close them.

With respect to our Resorts and Club facilities, additional cleaning and safety protocols have already been implemented and these facilities continue to remain open at this time.

Our 24/7 call centres are still operational via 13 72 28; our Emergency Roadside Assistance patrols and Home Assist vans are still out on the road keeping vehicles mobile and helping Members in their homes, and Members can still access a range of services on the RACV website. This website will have all relevant updates on our services on an ongoing basis through these uncertain times.

Many of our staff are now working remotely and as they settle into this form of work, some of our online and call centre services may be slower than usual, dependant on demand, and we ask for your patience should this be the case.

All staff remaining across our Resorts, Clubs, Roadside, Home and corporate office functions are following enhanced social distancing protocols, and more staff are choosing to work from home. As staff continue to make the transition to working from home, RACV will look to support them and keep them connected to each other and the organisation.

I would like to thank all staff, Members, customers and everyone who interacts with RACV for their ongoing support. How this situation plays out is uncertain, choices made by each of us will be imperfect but we live in a country with a good medical system, one with abundant resources – both human and natural; we will work our way through this no matter how hard it may be.


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