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About RACV Community Foundation

What are we here for?

RACV has proudly supported Victorians and their communities for more than 100 years.  As Victoria’s population grows and diversifies, it stretches the capacity of our cities, our systems and our resources to support Victorians and ensure their wellbeing. The RACV Community Foundation recognises the critical role that communities play in providing a safety net and support network for all Victorians. 

The RACV Community Foundation exists to provide a source of philanthropic funding for not-for-profit organisations who help marginalised and at-risk Victorians.  We seek to help these Victorians be a part of, contribute to and tap into the collective strength of their communities by overcoming issues related to:

  • social isolation
  • access to safe and affordable housing
  • transport disadvantage

We do this by supporting grassroots programs that:

  • create opportunities for Victorians to engage with their communities and build more meaningful social connections with each other
  • empower Victorians to access the people, places and activities that are core to their wellbeing
  • build stronger community support networks by connecting those in need with those who have something they can give (e.g. time, resources, skills or companionship)

The 2018/19 Grants round is now closed.

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2018/19 RACV Community Foundation Grants Round - Frequently Asked Questions

Is my organisation eligible for a grant?
Only charitable organisations that hold both DGR Item 1 and TCC status are eligible to apply for a grant.

Can I apply for all grant tiers? 
Yes. If your group has a different projects or requirements that fits the criteria for each tier, they then will be assessed on their merit. 

What is the closing time and date for applications?
Your application must be submitted by 5:00pm on Thursday 10th January 2018.  Late applications will not be accepted. 

Is there a word limit?
Yes, the word limit is noted on each question in the application form within the online application system. 

What do we do if our project fits into more than one target group and objective area? 
We suggest you nominate the category you feel your program best addresses.

Can I submit a hard copy application? 
If you cannot access our online application system, you can submit a hard copy application via mail. Please download a copy of the form here

Applications can be sent to:
RACV Community Foundation
Level 9, 485 Bourke Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000 

Applications sent by mail must be received by 5pm on Thursday 10th of January 2019.

Who do I contact if I need assistance with my application? 
The RACV Community Foundation uses Smarty Grants to manage our applications. If you require technical support, you can view Smarty Grants’ Help Guide for Applicants or their Applicant FAQs. You can also contact Smarty Grants on 03 9320 6888 or service@smartygrants.com.au.

For any non-technical questions, please contact the RACV Community Foundation team on (03) 9790 2985 or email foundation@racv.com.au.

Will you fund capital building works?
No, we do not provide grants for capital building works. 

Can I apply for a grant to cover overhead and administrative costs?
It is the Foundation’s expectation that grants are used only for the approved project and associated costs. Grant funding is not available for ongoing operational expenses associated with the running of your organisation including salaries and administration costs. 

Will you fund salaries and wages?
We appreciate that salary costs can make up a part of many projects, so we will consider applications for salaries based on the project and its overall merits and measurable outcomes.  

Can grant requests include costs for consultants? 
Funds can be used for consultants if they relate directly to the specific project for which funding has been applied for. 

Can I apply for a grant to fund assets acquisition & capital expenditure?
No assets and building expenditure (including equipment, vehicles, travel, furniture, books and conferences) cannot be funded with a grant.  Grants are provided are for specific projects and associated costs only.

I received a grant last year. Can I apply again?
Yes. If your group has a new project or requirement that fits our criteria, it will be assessed on its merit.

Will you fund projects that are contingent on funding from other sources?
Yes, the Foundation will consider funding projects that are reliant of other funding sources.   We do however reserve the right to only release approved grants funds once other funding has been secured. 

Do you provide feedback if an application is unsuccessful?
Due to the large number of applications we receive, unfortunately it is not possible for us to provide formal feedback for unsuccessful applications.

Do I need to submit a budget for my project/program?
Yes, you will be required to fill out an itemised budget template within the online application form. For guidance on how to fill this out, view a sample budget here

Will you fund pre-existing programs? 
Given our focus on innovation, we do not fund existing projects, although we may consider applications for strategic expansions of existing programs or new/innovative additions to an existing project. Please note that the Foundation does not fund retrospectively – we will not fund projects that have already started.

When will we be notified on the outcome of our grant application?
We will notify you of the outcome of your application by June 30th, 2019

Are we guaranteed to receive the full amount of the funding request if successful?
No, we do not guarantee that you will receive the full amount of funding applied for in your grant application. The RACV Community Foundation reserves the right to offer funding different from the amount requested.

How long will we have to start and complete the project if our application is successful?
Once the funds have been distributed projects must commence in 2018/19 financial year. Our expectation is that projects will be completed within 18 months of receiving the grant.  

How you can support the Foundation

The RACV Community Foundation was founded in 1997 and to date, has provided over $4.1 million to approximately 500 Victorian charities and community groups.  With the scope of programs extending across both regional and metropolitan Victoria, it is likely that a community group in your area has benefited from an RACV Community Foundation grant in that time.

You can become one of the many people who donate to the Foundation every year by clicking on the Donate button at the top of this page.  Even a small contribution will truly make a big difference to help the lives of Victorians in need.   

All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

2018 grant recipients

The 2018 grants have been announced. Click here (PDF) to find out more about the wonderful programs we supported this year. Thank you to all organisations who submitted applications.

Contact us at foundation@racv.com.au

Community Foundation Coordinator - Nicole Ballina - 03 9790 2985

Administrative assistant: Carline Allas

Donor Sue Dyson “A Sense of Place"

Being a retired teacher Sue hopped on board because there’s a lot of organisations supporting children that RACV Community Foundation has helped.

Ballarat Hospice Care - Connecting to Safety

The hospice can be even more responsive as each nurse has a new laptop thanks to a grant form the RACV Community Foundation

West Welcome Wagon - “Wheels for West Welcome Wagon”

A new delivery van makes it possible for volunteers to drop off entire households of goods to newly arrived asylum seekers, so they feel truly welcome in Melbourne’s west.