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About the RACV Community Foundation

The RACV Community Foundation is a grant-making charity that provides funding to not-for-profit groups focused on reducing social isolation for Victorians. Since the RACV Community Foundation was founded in 1997, we have provided over $5.1 million to 500 Victorian charities and community groups. 

Communities play a critical role in providing a safety net and support network for Victorians and as such we seek to fund programs that target Victorians who are experiencing loneliness. We are interested in initiatives that help to build new skills and create a sense of belonging and purpose with others in their communities.

The Foundation’s funding is targeted towards 3 areas of focus:

  • Youth (16 – 24 years): Providing support to programs that aim to help young people build confidence, skills, belong and thrive.
  • New Victorians (including migrants transitioning into Victorian society): Providing support to programs that recognise and celebrate diversity by welcoming all new Victorians, supporting the transition into society and exchange with resident Victorians in the community.
  • Older Victorians (~65+years): Providing support to programs that enrich and improve the lives of older Victorians by building a sense of confidence, belonging and purpose through social support.

The principles that guide our approach to funding are:

  • Early intervention
  • Support in transition   

Effective early intervention works to reduce risk factors and prevent problems occurring, or to tackle them head-on when they do, before problems get worse. It also helps foster personal strength and skills that help prepare members of the community and support better outcomes.

Applying for an RACV Community Foundation grant

Applications for funding for the FY19-20 Community Foundation grants are not yet open. If your charity or community group works in the areas of focus described above and meets the eligibility criteria (see Frequently Asked Questions), submit an expression of interest for information about the upcoming round.

Expressions of interest

How you can support the Foundation

You can become one of many people who donate to the Foundation every year. Even a small contribution will make a big difference to help the lives of Victorians experiencing social isolation.   

All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the RACV Community Foundation

Is there a word limit?

Yes, the word limit is noted on each question in the application form within the online application system.

Will you fund salaries and wages?

We appreciate that salary costs can make up a part of many projects, so we will consider applications for salaries based on the project and its overall merits and measurable outcomes.  

Will you fund pre-existing programs?

Given our focus on innovation, we do not fund existing projects, although we may consider applications for strategic expansions of existing programs or new/innovative additions to an existing project. Please note that the Foundation does not fund retrospectively – we will not fund projects that have already started.