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Primary school safety program

Find out about our free road safety education program for primary schools.

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RACV Safety Squad

This is our free safety program tailored for Victorian primary school students from foundation to grade six.

Schools can book a visit from an RACV educator to conduct a program that aims to empower students to stay safe both at home and on the roads. Themes covered include:

  • passenger safety
  • pedestrian safety
  • bike safety
  • identifying hazards in the home.

Your school will receive free resources with links from the Victorian curriculum and a range of integrated teaching ideas and activities.

  • Each school can book one day per year with up to 6 sessions delivered per school visit.
  • Each session lasts 45 minutes and caters to a maximum of 30 students per session.

Resources and related information

Get a deeper understanding of what our program involves by downloading the following two brochures:

Sessions link to the Health & Physical Education curriculum


Identify people and actions that help keep themselves safe and healthy (VCHPEP059)

Grade 1 and 2

Recognise situations and opportunities to promote their own health, safety and wellbeing (VCHPEP074)

Grade 3 and 4

Identify and practise strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing (VCHPEP091)

Grade 5 and 6

Plan and practise strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing (VCHPEP108)