Emergency Home Assist Builders & Developers

Provide reassurance to home buyers through cost effective, fast response, 24/7 after settlement support

Save time and money whilst delivering your clients a great post-build gift implemented at settlement

In the event of an emergency, homeowners rely on their builder to respond immediately and resolve the issue fast. We know call outs can be a costly and time consuming burden for builders and stressful for new homeowners. With RACV Emergency Home Assist, you can provide a fast, reliable and cost effective service that ensures your home buyers are quickly assisted in their time of need.


Helping you deliver exceptional after-settlement support

Emergencies your clients are covered for

  • Plumbing emergencies

    • Blocked toilet
    • Blocked pipe(s)
    • Burst pipe or joint
    • Broken tap
    • Blocked drain
    • Internal leak through the ceiling or walls
    • Gas leak
    • Broken showerhead
    • Broken or burst hot water system
    • Broken or damaged heating system
    • Broken or damaged cooling system
  • Lock out emergencies

    • Locked out of the house
    • Broken key in lock
    • Home safety is threatened as a result of damaged locks or jammed external doors or windows
    • Broken glass in an external door or window (make safe and clean up; excludes glass replacement)
  • Electrical emergencies

    • Disruption of power to all or part of your home (excludes area-wide blackouts)
    • Broken or burst hot water system (including inability to re-ignite pilot light)
    • Broken or damaged heating system
    • Broken or damaged cooling system

How it works

  • 1

    Emergency occurs and tradesperson allocated

    Home owner calls the RACV emergency number and a tradesperson is allocated to the incident. 

  • 2

    Emergency is fixed or made safe

    The emergency is responded to with the incident either completely fixed or made safe.

  • 3

    Incident reported and closed

    A detailed report of the incident is emailed to both the homeowner and builder. If an incident is not resolved and requires further work, RACV will provide a free no-obligation quote for more complex repairs. 

Exclusions and limitations apply. Please refer to the RACV Emergency Home Assist Terms and Conditions for more details.  

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