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Emergency Home Assist for builders and developers

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We know that building or investing in a property can be a stressful undertaking for any new home buyer. New home owners look to their builder for help and guidance when issues and emergencies arise, and offering the right amount of support is equally important to the builder or developer.

RACV Emergency Home Assist allows you to provide the best customer service experience by responding to most emergencies in your home buyers' new asset with an exceptional, cost-effective service available 24/7:

  • Helping you deliver exceptional after settlement support: When you gift your new home buyers an Emergency Home Assist subscription, we will respond to most post-settlement home emergencies.

  • We take the stress out of post-settlement emergency call outs: Callouts can be a costly and time-consuming burden for builders and developers. RACV Emergency Home Assist provides fast, reliable and cost-effective service that ensures your home buyers are urgently assisted.

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24/7 assistance

Our extensive network of highly qualified tradespeople is available round the clock, 365 days a year – with no callout fees, afterhours or weekend rates.

Unlimited callouts*

For less than the cost of one average service call, we respond to a range of common home emergencies and more serious incidents, such as a blocked toilet or drain, power failure, gas leak or burst pipe.

*Callouts are unlimited, subject to the Fair Use Policy. Exclusions and limitations apply – for more detail, refer to the  RACV Emergency Home Assist Terms and Conditions (PDF, 3.4 MB).


How it works

  • Call when you need us

    If your home buyer has an emergency, call 13 46 63 anytime. We'll send a qualified tradie to the home owner, usually within the hour. This plan includes unlimited* emergency callouts, 24/7.

  • They'll get to work

    Many emergencies can be fixed on the spot. If the issue can't be, the tradie will provide a temporary fix to make the area safe.

  • We let you know the next steps

    A report of the incident is emailed to you and your new home owner. If further work is required for a full repair, the tradie will provide a no-obligation quote through RACV Trades.

What home emergencies are included?

The ideal gift for your new home buyers, RACV Emergency Home Assist offers well-rounded, hassle-free home emergency support.

Plumbing emergencies

  • Blocked toilet, pipe(s), or drain
  • Burst pipe or joint
  • Internal leak through the ceiling or walls
  • Gas or internal leak
  • Broken tap or shower head
  • Broken or burst hot water system
  • Broken or damaged heating/cooling system

Electrical emergencies

  • Blackout or power failure in the house (excludes area-wide blackouts)
  • Broken hot water system (including inability to re-ignite pilot light)
  • Broken or damaged heating system
  • Broken or damaged cooling system

Lock out emergencies

  • Being locked out of the house
  • Broken key in lock
  • Home safety is threatened as a result of damaged locks or jammed doors or windows
  • Broken glass in a door or window (make safe and clean up; excludes glass replacement)

Helping you deliver exceptional after-settlement support

Value for money

For a low annual fee, your home buyers will have access to fast-response service when they experience a home emergency.

Easy reporting

Our team will email an incident report to the home owner outlining the work that was done at the property and if additional repairs are needed.

Commitment to fixing the emergency

In most cases we'll fix the problem on the spot. If this isn't possible, we'll secure the property and provide expert advice on what's needed, as well as a free, no-obligation quote.

Service you can count on

Enjoy the backing of an extensive network of highly qualified tradespeople 24/7, 365 days a year.

Frequently asked questions

RACV Emergency Home Assist is available as an annual subscription product. 

For information about unique partner pricing tailored to your business needs, reach out to our business manager using the online enquiry form.

  • Unlimited* callouts for plumbing, electrical and locksmith emergencies
  • Qualified tradies available 24/7, 365 days per year
  • A rapid response to your emergency (help arrives usually within the hour)
  • No after-hours/weekend surcharges
  • A 72-hour waiting period applies after purchase

When your home owner has a home emergency, all they need to do is call 13 46 63 and we’ll send a fully accredited tradesperson to their door.

If the home emergency requires specialised or more extensive repairs, we’ll give them advice on what should be done next and provide a free no-obligation quote to you and the property owner. 

RACV Emergency Home Assist is a fast response emergency service and is not intended as a general maintenance, preventative or handyman service. Emergency Home Assist is not a replacement for home insurance and does not insure the home owner against the costs of a home emergency. 

Emergency Home Assist plans are invoiced monthly and will list the properties for which you have purchased plans. You will be invoiced monthly and the invoice will detail the properties you have purchased Emergency Home Assist plan subscriptions for during the period and these can be paid for via Bpay or Credit Card within 30 days of invoice. 

General maintenance and non-urgent repairs aren’t included, like:

  • dripping taps
  • installing or changing light globes
  • installing a new sink, toilet or shower head
  • installing a new hot water system.

If the job requires a specialist trade (e.g. hydronic heating specialist) or a specialist part, a free quote will be provided for additional work.

RACV Trades can help you find the right tradie for non-urgent or maintenance jobs.

For a full list of conditions, limits and exclusions, check the RACV Emergency Home Assist Terms and Conditions (PDF, 3.4 MB).

Emergency trade services are available in metro Melbourne and many regional areas in Victoria, including:

  • Ballarat
  • Bellarine Peninsula
  • Bendigo
  • Geelong
  • Mildura
  • Mornington Peninsula
  • Shepparton
  • Traralgon
  • Wangaratta
  • Warrnambool
  • Wodonga.

If you live elsewhere in Victoria and want to check if we can help you, call us on 13 46 63.

Other ways we can help your business

*Subject to the Fair Use Policy. Refer to the RACV Emergency Home Assist Terms and Conditions. (PDF, 245 KB) for more details.

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