Fleet tracking and management

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More than a tracking system

Intelematics, an RACV company, provides fleet tracking and management solutions to help your business monitor and measure vehicle usage, mitigate reckless driving, maintain fleet health and more.

  • Use technology to automate Fringe Benefits Tax reports.
  • Assess driving habits, including hard braking, speeding and idling.
  • Be notified on low or critical battery health issues, fuel tank levels and engine hours.
  • Optimise vehicle usage through car booking software to right-size your fleet.

It’s a modern, cost-effective fleet management solution that gives you access to all the data needed to optimise operations and reduce associated running costs.

  • Flexible solutions

    Minimise costs by only paying for what your business needs and uses.

  • Support at every step

    Access helpful resources and insights to continually improve your business.

  • For fleets big and small

    Whether you have 15 or 50,000 vehicles, streamline your operations and monitor and maintain your corporate vehicles.

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The benefits of a fleet management solution

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Reduce business costs
Measure and manage vehicle usage and vehicle health for accurate maintenance scheduling, fleet optimisation and procurement decisions. Optimise vehicle usage with carpool and booking functionality with driver ID. Mitigate speeding infringements and at-fault incidents with real-time alerts. Use fleet data and analytics to help manage insurance costs.

Optimise and right-size fleets
Get the whole picture; real-time vehicle location, route history and time spent at each job. In-motion and parked status’, trip start and end location and distance and duration of each trip. Vehicle health; battery status, diagnostic troubleshooting codes (DTCs), fuel levels, odometer reading and engine hours.


Book shared vehicles
Take the headache out of shared vehicle allocation and driver bookings. Gain greater visibility into your shared fleet while improving accessibility and minimising vehicle downtime. Right-size while remaining ATO compliant and stopping unauthorised access.

Reduce fuel consumption
Fluctuating fuel costs and receipt-based accounting makes fuel budgeting a challenge. Get access to a real-time odometer reading and driver behaviour scores to quickly identify fuel-saving opportunities.

Stop reckless driving
Driver safety is incredibly important and speeding is a serious issue. Get real-time speeding alerts and notifications for dangerous driving. Assess driver behaviour habits, including speeding, hard braking and accelerating, excessive idling, geofence breaches, impact alerts, device tampering and more. 

Automate fringe benefits tax (FBT)
Increased efficiency comes from reducing manual administrative tasks such as reporting. Automate fringe benefits tax (FBT) with ATO certified reports. Pinpoint vehicle over and underutilisation and schedule maintenance based on accurate real-time odometer readings.

Features to take your business further

  • Fleet utilisation and optimisation reports
  • Booking system for shared fleets
  • ATO-certified Fringe Benefits Tax reporting
  • Servicing reminders
  • Speeding alerts and reports
  • Driver behaviour scoring
  • Geo fencing and breach alerts
  • Vehicle health reporting
  • Real-time tracking and trip log
Intelematics app dashboard screenshot featuring a hot spot map

How it works

  1. Install OBDII devices

    Plug each device into the OBDII port of each vehicle. It can be installed by anyone, anytime.

  2. Capture data and insights

    Each device collects and collates your fleet’s vehicle and driver data.

  3. Visualise everything

    Your fleet’s data and insights are synced to the CONNECT web portal.

  4. Continuously improve

    Use the reports to guide continuous business improvement.

A proud Australian company here to help you grow

Our team of connected vehicle and telematics specialists are all based in Melbourne, Victoria. Whether it be a bespoke product requirement, a managed service, or implementation and training, we’re here to help you find the best outcome for your business.

Manage your fleet from any device

Desktop, tablet or mobile, simply login using your account details to track and manage your vehicles from just about anywhere. Drivers can also be set up with the app to tag their FBT trips on the go.

Want it customised? No problem. The mobile app can be branded with your company logo and colours.

Intelematics app dashboard displayed on a mobile, tablet, and desktop device

About RACV's fleet management solutions partner, Intelematics

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Founded in 1999 and wholly-owned by RACV, Intelematics pioneered the introduction of telematics and connected vehicles services into Australia. Today, Intelematics supports fleet operators and drivers all over the world by leveraging cloud-based architecture to enable secure connected vehicle and traffic data solutions.

Intelematics is 100% cloud based with an ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification and ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certified.

Visit intelematics.com to find out more about the fleet management services they provide.

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