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Find a public electric vehicle charging station

How to find a charging station near you, keep your battery charged and extend your travel range

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Electric vehicle charging tips

Plan your trip

If you’re going on a long trip, check where charging stations are along your route.

Get to know plug types

Know which plug type your EV uses. This can dictate your charge speed and ability to connect to public electric vehicle charging stations.

3x faster with a home charger

Charging at home? Charge up to three time faster than a standard power outlet when you install a home EV charger.^ (Average for a 7kW home EV charger).

How to use our fast charging stations

  • Find your station

    Use the Chargefox mobile app to locate your nearest charger, check availability, price and plug types.

  • Insert charger

    Plug in your car to start charging. The main charging port types are CCS 2 or CHAdeMO – others may need an adapter.

  • Stop charging

    Scan the QR code at the station or open the app to start/stop charging and pay.

  • Unplug & drive away

    Check your car is unlocked before disconnecting – then return charger to holster.

Find an electric charging station near you

Enter your location and select the plug type you need, or filter charging stations by network with Plugshare’s handy map. We recommend Chargefox, where you can find our RACV public charging stations.

This service is provided by Recargo. Inc and RACV makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information or the security of the service. We recommend that users do not enter their exact home address.

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Frequently asked questions

Charging times vary from as little as 30 minutes to 18 hours depending on the speed of the charging point, size of the battery and remaining charge.

A public 50kW rapid charger provides most EVs with 80% capacity in around 30 minutes. Most drivers top-up charge, rather than waiting for their battery to recharge from empty-to-full.

Plugging in at home using a regular wall socket is the slowest method, but can reach a full charge if left overnight. You can estimate your charging time and cost using the Green Vehicle Guide home charging calculator.

Learn more about our home EV charging options.

Unless driving a long distance, keeping your charge between 20% and 80% will preserve battery life. Most EV drivers charge their car at home overnight, and use public charging stations for top-ups or when driving long distances, so rarely do a full charge when out and about.

If you’re planning a longer trip, make sure you know the maximum range of your vehicle before departing. Most EVs require a charging stop every 240km-320kms depending on battery performance and capacity. It’s important to plot your charging points in advance, double-check the types of chargers/adaptors you’ll need and allow some extra time while topping up.

Most electric vehicles come with with a standard cable to charge at home, but it’s good to know if you need any additional equipment or adaptors to access the full network of Australian charging stations.

You can check which cables, plug types or adaptors are suitable for your EV or charger on the JET Charge website.

Charging costs will be vary depending on what vehicle you have, how far you drive each day, how much you pay for electricity and when you charge. To get an estimate of how much you will save you can use the EV charging cost calculator.

Many EV owners who have their own rooftop solar are able to power their vehicle purely, or partly, with renewable energy.

*The Offer: 10% off the Retail Charging Price at all Chargefox ultra-rapid sites. The Offer only applies to the Retail Charging Price. Other fees and charges may apply. The Offer is only available at participating Chargefox ultra-rapid sites. For participating locations please download the Chargefox app. Where an RACV Member is also entitled to a discount via a vehicle manufacturer partnership with Chargefox (see here), they will receive a minimum of 50% off the Retail Charging Price. The Offer can only be activated by current RACV Members who have completed the following steps prior to charging their vehicle:

(a) Downloaded or updated the Chargefox app (on a compatible smartphone).

(b) Logged into the Chargefox app and added their credit card information and a valid RACV Membership number in their profile.

Discounts cannot be applied after a charge session has begun or has been completed. The Offer may be withdrawn at any time and without notice. RACV accepts no responsibility in respect to any damage or loss to a member caused through their use of, or lack of availability of Chargefox equipment to charge their vehicle. Members should review the Chargefox terms and conditions and privacy policy.

These terms and conditions are subject to change from time to time. Please read the latest RACV Member benefits terms and conditions. View a copy of Chargefox’s full terms and conditions.

^Speed estimates are based on figures provided by JETCharge. Actual charging speeds may vary based on factors such as your vehicle, household electricity supply, and installation requirements. Charging from a standard 240V general power outlet will add around 10km of range per hour of charge. When using a dedicated EV home charging station, the charging time will depend on your vehicle's on-board charger. If your vehicle can accept charging speeds of 7 kW or more, our charging stations can deliver approximately 30 km of range per hour of charge - making it up to three times faster.