Give way sign in front of a street sign.

Giving way

Think you have ‘right of way’? Think again. All road users need to be patient, safe and considerate, no matter what lane they’re in.

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Rules for giving way

Giving way or ‘right of way’ is arguably one of the most contested rules on Victorian roads, so we’ve done our best to clear up the confusion.

When it comes down to it, giving way is about courtesy and common sense. If you’re stopped, you must remain stationary until it’s safe to proceed. If you’re moving but anticipate a potential hazard, you must slow down or stop to avoid collision. Here we explore some common examples.

The summaries RACV provide on Victorian road rules are based on the Victorian Road Safety Road Rules 2017. We make sure to reference the exact rule where possible. When reading, keep in mind that we’re providing general information, not legal advice. If you’re looking for specific questions on any legal matter, consult with a lawyer for help.