Educational activities for primary school children

woman teaching seated children about safety with various road signs


Posted May 25, 2020

Explore RACV Safety Squad’s fun and educational road and home safety activities for primary school students.

RACV has been running safety education programs for Victorian primary and secondary schools for the last 20 years, focusing on the safety on our roads and in the home. Check out the latest Safety Squad activities and road safety resources below.

What is RACV Safety Squad?

RACV Safety Squad is a free safety program tailored for Victorian primary school students from prep to grade six. Each year approximately 25,000 students participate in the program that is carefully crafted to align to the Victorian curriculum.

Schools can book a visit from an RACV educator to conduct a program that aims to empower students to stay safe both at home and on the roads. Themes covered include passenger safety, pedestrian safety, bike safety and identifying hazards in the home.

While the RACV Safety Squad have had to postpone visits to schools for Term 2, the team of educators have put together a series of activities to bring the Safety Squad to students as they learn remotely.

The below education activities are linked to the current Victorian curriculum. New activities will be added over the coming weeks so check this page regularly for updates.

For further information on the RACV’s education programs, visit the Education page.


RACV Safety Squad resources for parents and teachers

Prep, Grade 1 and 2

These activities are suited to those in Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2. Click on each link below to download the activity.

  • Explore different traffic sounds in this interactive activity, and listen to the story ‘That’s the sound the street makes’.
  • Take a look at the Safety Squad’s neighbourhood map and see what you can find. Check to see if everyone is staying safe on their way to school, and then use directions to guide someone across town.
  • Explore hazards that you might find at home and think of ways to make your home safer with the Home Hazards colouring in activity.
  • Discover the road signs near your home by matching the clues with the correct sign. Next time you go for a walk, see if you can spot them out and about!
  • Both drivers and pedestrians need to understand stopping distances. Build your own car and see how long it takes to come to a stop.
  • NEW! Grab Mum, Dad, a sibling or friend and sing along with Bear while you learn how to cross the road safely.
  • NEW! Explore how to ride your bike safely with this writing activity.

Grades 3 and 4

These activities are suited to those in Grade 3 and Grade 4. Click on each link below to download the activity.

  • Pedestrians, drivers and bike riders all need to be able to react quickly in an emergency. Test how quickly you can judge a situation with the Judgement Time Test.
  • Put your eagle eye to the test and see how many home hazards you can spot, both in the picture and in your own home. Plus, design your own safety sign.
  • NEW! Explore your local neighbourhood to determine how safe it is, and then build a model to include ways that you could make it safer.

Grades 5 and 6

These activities are suited to those in Grade 5 and Grade 6. Click on each link below to download the activity.