Aerial view of solar panels installed on a building.

Commercial battery storage solutions

Get battery storage solutions designed and optimised based on your energy needs

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Covering your battery storage needs

Our qualified team of engineers, installers and managers assess your energy profile to create battery storage solutions for your organisation. 

Batteries provide flexibility to soak up excess solar generated on-site for later use, lower your energy bill and the ability to earn additional revenue by joining a virtual power plant.

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We’ll provide you with a tailored commercial energy solution.

Benefits of commercial battery storage

Optimise your energy usage and reduce costs

Utilise your solar production and manage your network energy charges that you pay.

Improve your energy independence

A battery can provide backup power to your site during a grid blackout. 

More value for your renewable assets

We design battery storage solutions that can be co-located with your other assets, such as rooftop solar and electric charging stations, to improve your returns and future proof your site.

Earn new revenues

You can join a virtual power plant and generate additional revenue streams from your asset.