Aerial view of geometric building fitted with solar panels at Penguin Parade.

Commercial solar systems

Reduce your energy bill and reach your renewable targets with a tailored solar solution

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Expert solutions tailored to you

Our team of engineers can design, construct and integrate your solar system for rooftops, solar car park shades, ground mount, off grid or micro-grid systems.

Solar solutions for any condition

We provide solar solutions that suit a variety of applications and environments. 

We’ll help you every step of the way

  • Energy analysis and solution proposal

    Using drone technology, building plans and your interval data, we build a detailed 3D site model to design your solar system and predict performance.

  • Engineering and system design

    Our in-house engineers assess your site to design your tailored solution.

  • Finance options

    Choose from a range of options, including zero upfront or on-going costs, power purchase agreement and environmental upgrade finance.

  • Project delivery and quality assurance

    Your dedicated project manager will keep you updated on project progress. We do rigorous commissioning and testing to ensure the solution delivers.

  • Ongoing support and maintenance

    We’re here to help you long after we’ve installed your system. We can proactively monitor your system in real time and fix any issues that may arise.

Our commercial solar projects