Planning a bathroom renovation or remodel

Remodeled bathroom with built-in bath

Whether it’s a full demolition or a minor transformation, taking the time to plan your bathroom renovation and decide what and who you need for the project will help you build your dream bathroom.

So where to start?

The size of your renovation will determine how much help you need - for example, delegating jobs and liaising with tradies throughout the process. If it's a fresh coat of paint and new tapware, then all you may need is a plumber and painter. But for a complete bathroom overhaul, you're likely to need to find reliable builders, plumbers, waterproofers, electricians, tilers, painters, and more.

The first thing you should do is take some time to list out the changes you want for your bathroom. This will give you a great starting point for setting a renovation budget to stick to throughout the build.

If you’re planning on repositioning your shower, bath or toilet, they may mean plumbing and building changes that will increase the cost of your renovation. You can arrange an independent plumbing inspection to gain an understanding of your current pipe set-up, identify any potential issues, and guide your perfect bathroom design.

Once you have a clear plan:

  • 1

    Research prices for amenities like basins, tiles, vanities, and tapware. 

  • 2

    Get quotes from qualified local tradies. You may be able to negotiate a fixed price with some tradies so make sure to ask if this is an option when requesting a quote.

  • 3

    Carefully detail and cost every aspect of your project then add a contingency plan which will help you avoid unexpected costs and bill shock!

Bathroom amenities

Once you've laid the groundwork in the bathroom project, the next part is the fun part - choosing your amenities! These are some of the main components of a standard bathroom along with some important considerations:

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