3 benefits of a regular heater service

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Alice Piper

Posted April 07, 2022

Running a heater that isn’t working efficiently can comprise the health, safety and finances of your household. Here’s why it makes sense to service your heater before the cold weather really bites.

Autumn and winter in Victoria are seasons where puffer jackets, beanies and scarfs emerge from summer hibernation. It’s also a time when household heaters can be on for 10 hours or more, after months of inactivity.

It’s not surprising then that emergency heater repairs become more common as the cold weather hits and heaters are suddenly switched back on. Over 3,600 RACV Emergency Home Assist heater repairs were undertaken between April – August 2021, with repairs spiking in June, at the onset of Victoria’s coldest period.

Issues such as power faults, overheating, low gas pressure and faulty fans are some of the reasons behind the callouts. RACV Emergency Home Assist callouts are usually attended to within an hour, with damage assessed and issues fixed on the spot where possible.

So, while you might think your heater can work tirelessly year after year, a regular heater service by a qualified professional before winter can help negate the chances of costly emergency repairs when you need your heater most. 

Benefits of a regular heater service 

Improve air quality and safety

If your heater is clogged after years of use and a lack of servicing, the hot air it pumps out can be full of dirt, mould and bacteria.

A regular heater service will ensure the major parts are thoroughly cleaned, improving the air quality in your home and the safety of those inside it.

If you have a gas heater, it is recommended that these heating systems are serviced every two years, which includes checking carbon monoxide levels. A carbon monoxide leak is a threat to your health and safety that cannot be seen or smelt, and can contribute to your household feeling dizzy and nauseous.

Reduce running costs and increase energy efficiency

Heating the home can be a huge contributor to energy bills and depending on the size of the rooms you’re heating and your heating system, the costs vary significantly.

According to Sustainability Victoria, the annual cost of running a multi-split reverse cycle heater/air conditioner or gas heater, in a medium or large home, can already be in excess of $1,500. These running costs are likely to increase if your heater is working less efficiently.

A heater technician will typically carry out several checks when servicing a heating system including testing the airflow, thermostat calibration, inspecting the duct work, and cleaning and changing the air filter – all of which contribute to an efficient heating unit that minimises energy consumption.

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A regular heater service can reduce your heating costs. Image: Getty


Increase the lifespan of your heater

The lifespan of your heater doesn’t just depend on how frequently you use it. Factors outside of your control, such as dust and weather events, can impact the longevity and effectiveness of your heater system.

While most manufacturers advertise a lifespan of around 15-20 years for a new heater system, this is only if the system is properly maintained per the manufacturers’ recommendations.

A professional heater technician will examine the inner components of your heating system during a routine service, identifying any hidden issues and potential problems that could become a lot more costly and complex the longer they’re left.

However, without regular servicing, your heater may last fewer than 15 years - meaning you may end up needing to spend thousands of dollars for a replacement unit ahead of time.

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