RACV Solar Package Options

  • RACV Solar Package

    • LG Black solar panels – high quality & efficiency, aesthetically pleasing
    • Solar Inverter – high efficiency, tailored to your needs
    • SolarEdge Optimisers (optional) – extends panel output & reliability
    • Reposit Monitoring & App – real-time view of solar generated, used & exported
    • 5 year monitoring and maintenance plan:
      • Annual performance checks
      • Remote monitoring for any possible problems
      • An on-site safety and performance check after 5 years
      • One complimentary panel cleaning after 3 years
    • Solar energy expert support
  • RACV Solar-Battery Package

    • All inclusions of the RACV Solar Package plus:
      • SolarEdge Inverter - delivers backup power from battery
      • LG Chem storage battery – high efficiency and power output, compact & lightweight
      • Reposit Monitoring & App – optimise how solar energy is stored and used

Refer to the RACV Solar Terms and Conditions for more details.

Future-proof your home with clean and sustainable energy that is not only good for the environment but good for your pocket too.

Find out more about RACV Solar

For a break down of how solar works to post-installation support, find out more on the RACV Solar FAQ page