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RACV Years of Membership Benefits apply to most RACV Home Security products

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  • Bronze
    5-9 years


  • Silver
    10-24 years


  • Gold
    25-50 years


  • Gold 50
    51+ years


RACV Home Security - Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when my security system sends an alarm?

  • The control panel of your home security system sends a signal to our monitoring station which displays on our operator's computer screen
  • The operator follows the response procedure you have chosen as part of your RACV home security plan

If I accidentally set off my security system what should I do?

  • Deactivate your system as quickly as possible by entering your PIN into the security system keypad
  • If you have deactivated your system within three minutes of the alarm being triggered, you do not need to call us
  • If the alarm system has been activated for more than three minutes or if you do not know how long the alarm system has been activated, you must call us on 1300 650 911 to inform us of the false alarm. You will need to have your voice code ready for verification
  • Once you have identified yourself, our operator will cease any actions that have been taken to respond to the alarm

What should I do if my security system develops a fault?

If your system is 'beeping' or not operating normally, please check the following before calling us:

Is the mains power OK?

  • Test that other household appliances have power
  • Check and note any unusual display or indicator lights on your security system's keypad

Is the telephone line OK?

  • Check your telephone to ensure you have a normal dial tone
  • Check that other devices such as answering or fax machines are operating normally

Are all protected doors closed?

  • If you are attempting to turn on your system and have sensors fitted to doors, check that these doors are properly closed

If you are still experiencing difficulties with your system, please call during business hours on 13 27 56 or after hours on 1300 650 911

Is there anything I need to do before I go on holidays?

Yes there is:

  • Please review the list of people (and telephone numbers) you have provided to the RACV Monitoring Station for response to alarms and events during your absence and ensure they are current and accurate
  • Advise us of any changes by contacting 13 27 56 during business hours or after hours on 1300 650 911


  • If you are travelling overseas, the contact number for RACV's Monitoring Station is (+61) 08 8202 4672
  • The information we hold for your account is central to providing a rapid and appropriate response to alarms and events
  • You should review your details periodically and notify us of any changes as a matter of course
  • It is your responsibility to provide us with current information so we can provide the best possible service to you

How do I partially arm my system?

Using the NX Series code pad (connected to either wireless or wired alarms):

  • Press the 'partial' button on your code pad
  • To manually bypass any other rooms in your home that have not been programmed at installation:
  • Press the 'bypass' button
  • Enter the two-digit zone number that is allocated to the room - e.g. '02'
  • Press 'bypass' again. This button will then light up
  • Press 'partial' button. Your system will then be partially armed

Using the portable alarm system:

  • Press the 'doors and windows' button on your code pad
  • To manually bypass any other rooms in your home, press the 'bypass' button on your code pad until the computerised voice tells you the name of the sensor in the room you want to bypass - e.g. 'bedroom sensor'
  • Type in your master code and wait for the code pad to announce 'bedroom sensor bypassed'
  • Complete these steps for each room you would like to bypass

Using a non-RACV branded security system:

  • We may be able to assist you with partially arming your alarm
  • Contact RACV Home Security customer service on 13 27 56 and ask if they have an instruction manual for the make and model of your security system

How do I program zones for each room in my home?

You should allocate zone numbers with the RACV Home Security installer at the time of installation of your RACV Home Security system.

Otherwise, to find out which rooms have been programmed to be partially armed in your home, or which zone numbers have been allocated in your home, please call RACV Home Security customer service on 13 27 56