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    CCTV is an affordable protection providing a strong visual deterrent to thieves

  • The latest technology

    RACV uses Honeywell products, providing you with superior image quality and the ability to view your home from anywhere in the world

  • RACV rewards loyalty

    The longer you are an RACV member, the more you save on CCTV systems

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Why purchase an RACV CCTV system?

RACV CCTV systems are supplied by Honeywell and incorporate the latest in security technology. The cameras provide superior image quality so you can make better and faster decisions, and the easy-to-use Honeywell CCTV equipment means you can self-monitor your system on the internet anywhere in the world using a smartphone, tablet or computer. RACV CCTV systems provide a strong visual deterrent too, helping to prevent crime.

Key features of RACV CCTV systems

  • Honeywell high-definition, vandal-proof, weather-resistant indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Low light and night vision cameras
  • Easy-to-use, fully featured Honeywell network video recorder storing up to 6 terabytes of video
  • Continuous or motion-only recording at your home and property
  • You can store video clips and snapshots to an external storage device or USB
  • You have the ability to watch live and pre-recorded images
  • Can be purchased with a monitor or connected to your LCD/LED TV

RACV’s registered security consultants will tailor a CCTV solution to suit your needs and will arrange for it to be professionally installed and supported by our qualified technical team.

RACV members who purchase a CCTV System can save up to 20% off the installation price with RACV’s Years of Membership Benefits.

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RACV Years of Membership Benefits apply to RACV CCTV systems

RACV saves you money with our Years of Membership Benefits discounts

  • Bronze
    5-9 years


  • Silver
    10-24 years


  • Gold
    25-50 years


  • Gold 50
    51+ years


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