Solar Estimator

Use our Solar Estimator to find out how much you could save by installing a solar system.

Solar Estimator

Use this calculator to estimate the cost and savings of a solar system. This calculator should only be used as an indicative guide.

Assumptions: Solar Feed-in-Tariff of 11 cents/kWh; 50% of the generated solar is consumed in the home; solar production of 3.6 kWh daily per kW of solar system; CO2 emissions of 1.35 kg per kWh of electricity consumed; average retail electricity price of 27 cents/kWh.

  • What are the savings from solar?

    Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, which you can use in your home or sell back to the grid. By reducing how much power you need to draw from the grid during the day, you can make big reductions in your bill. Any extra power you produce will automatically be sold back to the grid which further increases your savings.

  • How does the Solar Estimator work?

    The Solar Estimator estimates the cost of a solar system and the potential cost savings from the system. By entering your current average daily energy usage and the number of panels you're considering installing, the estimated cost of a solar system and annual savings are calculated.

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