RACV Solar monitoring

Buy an RACV Solar system and we'll monitor it for the life of the inverter.

What you get with RACV Solar monitoring

All RACV Solar systems come with the peace of mind of knowing that we are monitoring your panels and inverter to make sure you are getting the most out of them. In the unlikely event of a problem our 24/7 monitoring will alert us so that we can get your system back to optimal performance.

Your solar system will be automatically monitored for any possible performance or functional issues. If an issue is detected, RACV will contact you to resolve the problem. If the problem requires an RACV visit to your home:

  • if the issue is covered by warranty, RACV will cover the costs
  • if the issue is outside the warranty (eg. tree branch fell on panel), RACV may charge you a service fee.

Find out what’s in warranty and what’s not by downloading and reading the relevant warranty leaflet.