RACV Summer Energy Program

Join us to celebrate Sustainable House Day 2018 with a free family event at RACV Torquay

What is RACV's Summer Energy Program?

RACV is encouraging all Victorians to take control of their power this summer and understand how to use their energy at home to save money and live more sustainably.  

We are partnering with Victorian electricity distributors CitiPower, Powercor, and United Energy to help reduce peak energy usage and improve energy reliability. A reliable grid benefits everyone, and the program is a way for members to get involved in a sustainable future.  

RACV's Summer Energy Program will commence with a free Sustainable House Day family event at the RACV Torquay Resort on 16 September 2018.

The event will feature information sessions with energy and sustainability experts, seedling planting and live music. Visit the RACV Tiny Home and hear from award-winning Australian architect Peter Maddison and Ralph Alphonso, project manager and owner builder of 5x4 Hayes Lane Project. You can also tour some of Australia's most sustainable homes nearby, find out more at sustainablehouseday.com

The program runs until 31 March 2019 with some great ways to participate. 

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How to participate in the Summer Energy Program

Sustainable House Day information sessions


The importance of good design

Peter Maddison
Principle Architect, Maddison Architects 

Good design has the ability the revolutionise the way we live. Not only can it impact the ongoing costs of running a home but it can influence social interaction and happiness. Join architect and host of Grand Designs Australia, Peter Maddison, to discuss why understanding the fundamentals of good design is critical to creating a sustainable home.

Peter Maddison Tiny Home Architect


The art of building a sustainable home

Ralph Alphonso
Owner and Builder of the 5x4 House, Hays Lane

Design is critical, but bringing a new home to life is an entirely different challenge. Ralph Alphonso, the Owner and Builder of the 5x4 house in Hays Lane, East Melbourne knows this better than most - having overcome significant logistical and technical challenges to create the ultimate sustainable home. Presenting the case study of the 5x4 journey, Ralph has tips and tricks for homes of all shapes and sizes.

Ralph Alphonso owner and builder of 5x4 Hays Lane house


Why now is the right time for solar

Kieran Davies
Senior Product Manager, Energy - RACV 

With increasing electricity prices, demand challenges with infrastructure networks and the recently announced government incentives, there has never been a better time to look into solar energy. Kieran Davies, RACV's resident energy expert, talks all things home solar and answers the tough question: is solar right for your home?

Kieran Davies RACV Energy Product Manager


Energy management: can we really be better together?

Luke Skinner
Head of Digital, Network – CitiPower & Powercor 

We rely on energy to power the day-to-day and there is an expectation it will always be there when we need it. But as our population grows and households become more equipped with powered devices - can we live sustainably? Can the community solve the challenge of electricity demand?

Luke Skinner


Sustainable & Edible Gardens

Jamie Durie OAM
Founder and Director of Durie Design

Bringing the outdoors in can have a range of positive effects including boosting our mood, purifying the air and reducing noise. Not to mention, plants provide beautiful décor and having fresh herbs available is always handy. But how can we create healthy, sustainable and functional gardens all year round? Garden Design guru, Jamie Durie shares his secrets to the perfect garden inside and out. 

Luke Skinner

Handy tips for reducing your peak energy consumption





Air Conditioner

Air conditioners use a lot of power. Completely turning off your air conditioner, or setting the temperature higher than usual will help you reduce your energy usage by 2 – 3 kWh.

2-3 kWh


Running your dishwasher outside of peak energy usage times will help to reduce your energy consumption by around 1kWh.


Washing Machine

Washing machines (and dryers) use lots of energy. Not using these during peak energy usage times could reduce your usage by 1 kWh.

1 kWh


Turning off one halogen downlight can be a power saver and can save you .05 kWh every hour.

.05 kWh

Electric Oven

Using an electric oven for an hour can use 1 kWh every hour. Try making a meal that doesn’t use the oven, or even go out for dinner!

1 kWh

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