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RACV Trades make it quick and easy for you to find the right tradie for the job. Whether you’ve locked yourself out of the house, or your locks need replacing, our locksmiths are here to help.

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How much does a locksmith cost?

While some locksmiths charge by the hour, locksmiths with RACV Trades will give you a quote upfront so you know how much the job will cost before the work begins. If the nature of the job changes, your locksmith will discuss what’s required and check you’re happy to continue before we update your quote.

If your job is urgent or an emergency, you can request a rapid response locksmith with RACV Emergency Home Assist. A locksmith will come to your home to assess the problem, attempt to fix it on the spot and will provide a quote if additional time or specialist parts are required. This costs $269 per emergency, or you can buy an annual subscription.

Can a locksmith make a house key without the original?

Yes, locksmiths with RACV Trades are qualified to make keys for locks without the original key using a few methods: 

  • cutting keys from a code, or impressioning
  • scoping the lock cylinders to read the depths
  • disassembling/decoding a cylinder.

Your locksmith may also recommend replacing the cylinder with a new one and issuing all new sets of keys, just in case the original was stolen or lost and might pose a security issue for your home.

RACV Trades is a trading name of RACV's trade partner, Club Home Response Pty Ltd. All works are performed or arranged by Club Home Response Pty Ltd.