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Professional Indemnity Insurance

Protect your business from potential claims, legal fees and investigation costs

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Protect your professional advice

If you’re a consultant or service provider who provides professional advice to clients, RACV Professional Indemnity Insurance is designed to protect your business.

Key inclusion

If a client claims a mistake your business made caused them injury or financial loss, RACV Professional Indemnity covers legals costs for your defence and damages you have to pay.

What's covered

Breach of duty

For example, if you fail to submit a client’s paperwork in time.

Breach of privacy or confidentiality

Like if you accidentally share a client’s personal information without permission.

Intellectual property infringement

Like if you unintentionally breach copyright by giving protected designs to a client without permission.


For example, if someone claims that your social media post damaged their reputation.

Lost or damaged documents

Like if you lost a client’s financial documents after they’d given them to you to look after.

Reputation repair

We cover the cost of a public relations consultant to help repair your reputation after a claim against you.

Claims investigation costs

We cover the legal costs and expenses of investigating, defending and settling claims made against you (up to the amount of cover you have).

This is a summary only – terms, conditions and policy limits apply. For the full details of what is and is not covered you can read the RACV Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy.

Additional cover to tailor your package

Public liability insurance

Add protection for you and your business against claims of negligence, like if a customer falls on a broken step and injures themselves while visiting your office.

What's not covered

Known circumstances

Claims or circumstances you know about before your policy starts cannot be covered.

Intentional damage

Intentional damage you cause to a third party cannot be covered.

Contractual obligations

Costs or expenses caused by you complying with contractual obligations you’ve chosen to enter into with a client.


Claims made against you because your business went bankrupt or is unable to pay debts owed.

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Optional covers tailored to your business, so you don’t pay for insurance you don’t need.

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Frequently asked questions

RACV Business Insurance caters to the needs of small businesses and sole traders. This covers operations with less than 20 employees and less than $5 million turnover per year.

If a client of yours claims that you’ve made a mistake that caused them financial loss, the costs required to defend your business can be significant.

RACV Professional Indemnity Insurance can cover you for some unexpected costs like damages, claims investigations, public relations consultants and more.

Not all businesses are the same. That’s why the level of professional indemnity insurance you need is unique to:

  • the size of your business i.e. employees, income
  • your risk appetite
  • how much it would cost to fix the problem if a mistake is made.

You can cover your business for up to $20 million for professional indemnity each year. We’ll ask you some questions to help you determine what level of cover is best to protect your business.

Tips and advice for your business

The information provided is general advice only. Before making any decisions please consider your own circumstances and the Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determinations. For copies, visit As a referrer, RACV Insurance Services Pty Ltd AFS Licence No. 230039 receives commission for each policy sold or renewed. Product(s) issued by Insurance Australia Ltd, ABN 11 000 016 722, AFS Licence No. 227681.