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RACV solar

Going solar is one of the smartest moves Australian householders can make, and members now have the benefit of choosing RACV Solar to install a modern, money-saving system for their home or business.

You can use the energy your solar system generates, reducing your overall power bill. Any extra power you produce is automatically sold back to the grid which further increases your savings.

And now with big advances in battery technology, you can opt to store excess electricity generated when the sun is shining and use it later. Because the value of excess electricity you sell back to the grid (feed-in-tariff) is generally lower than what you are charged when you consume energy, it can be more efficient to store your own energy for later use.

You can now register your interest in having an RACV Solar system installed in your home or business. Go to racv.com.au/solar and give us a few details.

Written by RACV
September 26, 2017