Friday afternoon worst for crashes

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Mid-afternoon on a Friday in October was the most likely time to be involved in a car collision last year, according to recent RACV Insurance data.

March, May and August also experienced peaks in car collision claims.

RACV motor vehicle collision claims figures for 2016 reveal that more than 12,500 Victorian collisions happened on Fridays, 17 per cent more than the weekly average.

General Manager Motor Insurance Mark Geraghty says most weekday accidents happened between 8am and 9am and from 3pm to 6pm, while on weekends the two hours after 11am were the most collision-prone.

“It’s important that motorists take care on the road, particularly at these busy times when a lot of people are trying to get to and from school and work or to weekend activities,” he says.

Mr Geraghty says RACV received, on average, 205 car collision claims every day in 2016. Almost 12 per cent of claims involved total loss of the vehicle.

He says the RACV data shows that other parties were at fault in 32 per cent of collision claims; however, 37 per cent were caused by the insured.

“As well as concentrating on their own driving, motorists must anticipate the actions of others on the road and be prepared for any unexpected situations. Animals can also surprise motorists. Last year they accounted for six per cent of accidents.”

Written by RACV
March 10, 2017