Submission for the Inquiry into Overtaking Bicycles

March 2016

This page contains archived content

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RACV believes that all road users have a responsibility to "share the road". This means not only obeying the road rules, but exhibiting safe behaviours that tolerate the mistakes of others, so that no-one is injured or killed. It applies equally to pedestrians, bicycle riders and drivers of all motor vehicles. 

RACV has worked for several years with various bicycle groups and VicRoads to promote sharing the road behaviours and this thrust is embedded in RACV's own programs to remind road users of the road rules. A good example was the Sharing the Roads and Paths brochure, funded by a Victorian Community Road Safety Grant and project managed by the Amy Gillett Foundation in 2013. RACV promoted the brochure in RoyalAuto (October 2013) and social media, RACV’s website and distributed 7,200 brochures to students of RACV Drive School and interested community groups.

RACV supports education about a minimum separation distance between bicycle riders and other vehicles, but does not consider that a regulated minimum separation distance is practical. RACV supports the retention of “sufficient distance” in the road rules.

Recommendation: The State Government fund and ongoing mass-media and online campaign about the road rules and behaviours necessary for bicycle riders and other road users to safely share the road. This should include “sufficient distance”, which varies according to the speed of the rider and driver, and the type of vehicle and the road environment.    

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