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Love that Pony

In the first of a new series where RACV members review their cars, Phil Browne tells how he joined the Pony Club.

The first time I saw a Ford Mustang I was enthralled. It was on the TV show, The F.B.I. At the end of each episode Inspector Erskine would climb in a Mustang and drive off … The best part of the show.

Over the years any time I saw a Pony car I would look at it fondly, but always from afar. About 10 years ago I started to think about owning one, but the head would overrule the heart.

Route 66

We rented a couple of Mustangs while travelling in the US. In 2014 we drove Route 66 in a convertible. The rev-head dream. But in the States they are so common that when we parked at one motel there were two cars identical to ours.

In January this year, and after a friend’s funeral, I realised that the only thing I had wanted to do, and was still able to, was to own a Mustang. This time the heart took control.

Mustang choice

I set a budget and decided it had to be drivable as a normal car. I narrowed it to two vehicles – a 1965 GT and a 2005 GT. In the end I chose the 2005 model. As an everyday car it had more comforts for the driver and passenger. Nice-looking seats, air-con, power steering and brakes and a decent sound system.

A little over my initial budget, but affordable.

The car I decided on was in Perth, which meant flying there to test drive and finding someone to do a mechanical examination. The car looked as good in reality as it did in the photos and passed its examination.

Back at the yard, it was simply a matter of price. We discussed it.

I made a suggestion, they laughed; they made a suggestion, I cried; but in the end we agreed.

Bringing the car home

Next step was getting the car home to Melbourne from Perth. Initially I thought of flying back to the West and driving it home but that had a couple of problems. I didn’t have a week to spare and the thought of driving an unknown vehicle across the Nullarbor was a little frightening. In the end the car was shipped by train to Adelaide and I picked it up there.

The car sounded awesome with its throaty exhaust but the GT clutch made it a little difficult. I’d been driving automatics for a few years but soon settled in and got used to it. It sat on the road and on the highway up through the Adelaide Hills it really came in to its own. I had bought a car to have fun with and this was living up to expectations.

Register with VicRoads

The next hurdle was registering the car in Victoria. Ten minutes after arriving at VicRoads (with all the paperwork) I was headed to the car with a screwdriver to remove the WA plates and fit my own. I drove home with a grin on my face and happiness in my heart.

And that is how I joined the Pony Club.

Written by Phil Browne, Woodend
June 01, 2016