My Melbourne Road survey: have your say on the state of Melbourne’s road network

Toorak Road

Tom Hounslow

Posted March 02, 2023

RACV is inviting all motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, and public transport users to take part in the My Melbourne Road survey to have their voices heard, and help make our roads safer for everyone.  

RACV’s My Melbourne Road survey is open to the public to help identify potential safety issues on Melbourne’s roads. 

By using an interactive map online, participants in the survey can provide feedback about any road or intersection across 31 local council areas, along with a suggestion on how to fix the issue.

“RACV really wants to know what Melburnians think about the roads, intersections and routes that make up their daily commutes,” says RACV General Manager of Automotive Services, Jackie Pedersen.

“When talking about Melbourne roads, it’s not just drivers we’re hoping to hear from. We want to be a voice for everyone including pedestrians, bike riders and public transport users. This is your chance to speak up and be heard.

“We want to gather as much data as we can so that we can highlight and encourage meaningful changes that can deliver safety improvements and help save lives.” 

How the My Melbourne Road survey works 

When a user interacts with the map, they will be able to highlight any point on a street, intersection, or stretch of road, and voice their particular concern – whether that be the speed limit being too high, the road being in poor condition with potholes, lanes being too narrow, or any other issue. The interactive map can also show where serious injuries and deaths have occurred between 2016 and 2019. In 2022, 106 people died on Melbourne roads. This shows no improvement with the four-year average between 2018 and 2021 which was 105. 

The survey is open to all Australians, not just Melburnians and those in regional Victoria. Whether you have a regular issue on your morning commute, or had a negative experience during a holiday in the Melbourne CBD, we want to hear from you.  

The My Melbourne Road survey is an opportunity to gain invaluable insights to the state of Melbourne’s road network, and is a chance for anyone who has first-hand experience on our roads and their issues to suggest how improvements can be made.  

Survey results will be used by RACV to highlight and encourage meaningful safety improvements that will help save lives.  


Melbourne traffic

Survey participants can nominate and detail any concern they have with a road in Greater Melbourne. Image: Getty.

My Country Road survey

In 2021, RACV invited the public to participate in the My Country Road Survey to provide feedback targeted toward the regional road network. Similar to how the My Melbourne Road survey operates, participants used an interactive map to indicate what they believed to be the problem areas from a safety perspective. 

More than 4,000 Victorians took part in the survey. Once the survey closed, RACV analysed the survey data and identified 31 regional roads as having serious safety issues.

The regional stretches of road receiving the most amount of feedback were:

  • Princes Highway from Stratford to Bairnsdale in the East Gippsland area 
  • Deans Marsh-Lorne Road in Benwerrin on the Surf Coast
  • Warburton Highway at Woori Yallock in the Yarra Ranges 

Since the survey results were completed and passed on to the Government, 16 roads have already seen infrastructure upgrades commence or have been committed to improve by the government.