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Summer is almost here, and for many Australians that means a lengthy holiday road trip is just around the corner.

But before you hit the road on a long journey to visit the beach, the bush or some family members in a far-flung city, be sure to set aside some time for preparation.

Ensuring your car is in the best possible working order should be your first priority.

Regular services

Make sure you have been up to date with your vehicle’s recommended servicing schedule, and remember that it’s not only your engine and brakes that need regular attention.


Having safe tyres is equally, if not more, crucial. The way to maximise both grip and tyre life is through annual wheel alignments and balances and regular attention to tyre pressures.

Tyre pressure, when cold, should never be below the specification listed on the tyres.

In fact, slightly higher pressures are strongly recommended for improved grip, response, economy and life.

Attention to detail is crucial when ensuring a safe summer holiday drive.

Ensure your windscreen wiper fluid is full and clean your windows, both inside and out.

Recommended checks

Check your headlights, brake lights and indicators and replace any malfunctioning globes as soon as possible.

Then turn your attention to planning, which is another crucial element of your preparation.

Are you heading into the countryside where petrol stations are few and far between? The last thing you want to do is run out of petrol, so head to and download their impressive petrol station finder app.

Maybe you’re one of the growing number of people driving an electric car. In that case, head to to get the lowdown on where to find charging stations.


Maps are another key part of any road-tripper’s arsenal, and I’m not only talking about the digital versions on your phone or tablet.

Sure, you will probably be able to rely on your electronic device most of the time, but there are still plenty of mobile blackspots across our vast nation, so be sure to carry some paper maps.

On top of all that, have a good think about the best places for rest breaks, as fatigue is the enemy of safe driving.

With all that said and done, have a great trip!

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Published in RoyalAuto Nov 2016