RACV Cobram Resort celebrates 30 years

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RACV Cobram Resort has been open for 30 years and for 30 years Heather and Hugh Fry have been drawn back annually by the weather, friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere.

Heather says the couple has often travelled with their caravan. “We have stayed in various types of accommodation and in most places we’ve walked away and said ‘it’s not as good as Cobram’.”

The couple saw the resort advertised in the RoyalAuto when it opened in October 1985 and they went with their two young children the following May.

“At the suggestion of the then manager, we went back in the January and kept that up every year until the kids left school.”

Heather says they have fond memories of Cobram. “We watched the kids learn to ride bikes without training wheels, swim in the deep end. There was so much freedom for the children but it was also so secure.”

Now the couple visit whenever they have a chance.

“I think it’s [the resort] been a win, win, win for all concerned. A win for RACV for being so forward thinking, a win for Cobram and a win for RACV members and their families.”

An Open Day to celebrate the anniversary will be held on 2 October for in-house guests and Cobram residents.

Written by RACV
October 01, 2015