Simple tips to secure your home

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Burglar crawling through an open window

Victoria Police report that in almost 20 per cent of residential burglaries the burglars enter through unlocked doors and windows.

To secure your home it is important to take some obvious and some not so obvious precautions.

1. Lock all doors and windows
2. Install deadlocks on all external doors and windows – remember to disengage deadlocks when you are inside to allow easy escape in the event of a fire
3. Install a security screen door
4. Lock your mailbox to prevent the theft of mail and personal documents
5. Keep garden tools and ladders locked away. Your tools and ladders might be used by thieves during a burglary to gain entry to your home
6. Keep garages and sheds locked
7. Get to know your neighbours. They may recognise unusual activity when you’re out
8. Install light-timer switches and get neighbours to bring in bins and collect mail while your away
9. Make sure your house is visible from the street (i.e. fences that are not too high etc) so passersby and neighbours can detect suspicious activity
10. Place packaging from newly purchased expensive items in the recycling bin – leaving boxes on the nature strip lets burglars know what you have inside
11. Install sensor lighting
12. Install a monitored alarm system
13. Join your local Neighbourhood Watch

In The Event of Burglary

Report any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood to police on 000.

If you have been burgled, do not touch anything.  

Know who to call

If you don't have a monitored back-to-base security system (hyperlink to RACV), keep a list of emergency numbers close by the phone or set in your speed dial. 

Know what to do

Make sure everybody in the house, especially children, knows what to do in an emergency. Have an at-home fire drill at least every 12 months.

Advertise your security

A great way to improve your home security is to let intruders know you have a security system before they break in. Notices and stickers warning of your security system should be placed in prominent positions. They are a great deterrent.

Victoria Police campaign, Help Yourself! Don’t Invite Crime points out that burglaries are a violation of your privacy and security.

“The personal impact and loss of irreplaceable items may be even greater than the value of the items stolen,” the campaign says.

“Most burglaries are opportunistic and occur during the day when residents are not at home. The most commonly stolen items include jewellery, cash, computers and other electrical equipment, however burglars will steal anything they find valuable. Use these tips to help protect your home and your personal belongings.”

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