RACV vehicle inspections

Whether you're thinking of buying a car or near a warranty expiry, let RACV help you make the right move with a qualified vehicle check

  • Our experts know what to look for

    RACV vehicle inspections are conducted at RACV Accredited Auto Care Centres and can help you to make the right decision on whether to purchase a vehicle.

  • You get the information you need

    An RACV vehicle inspection gives you a report on the overall condition of the vehicle, ensuring you are fully aware of the vehicle's mechanical condition.

  • 30-day mechanical guarantee

    If you're an RACV member, you'll get an exclusive 30-day mechanical guarantee on all retail vehicle inspections.*

Your RACV vehicle inspection report

You will receive your inspection report the following business day and it will assess the overall condition of the vehicle based on a visual external examination of components only – components are not dismantled to examine internal parts.

Each area inspected will be marked on the following basis:

  • Immediate - Immediate attention is required.
  • Early - Early attention is required.
  • Observation - Observation only.

A purchase recommendation will be given

We will provide a 'traffic light guide’. Please remember, the buying choice is yours:

  • Stop. The required repairs to the vehicle could make the purchase uneconomic.
  • Caution. After undertaking the required repairs the vehicle should provide reliable service - but these repairs should be costed prior to purchase.
  • Go. Any reported items will be covered by routine service, adjustment and/or service replacement - however they should still be costed.

Exclusive to RACV Members

RACV Members receive a 30-day mechanical guarantee on all vehicle inspections. If a mechanical fault is found within 30 days that was not identified on the inspection report, you will receive a reimbursement towards the cost of the repair. This guarantee does not apply to our Complimentary Car Maintenance Check which is an external examination of the vehicle.

Important information about the mechanical guarantee

The guarantee is subject to the following conditions:

  • This guarantee is only available to current RACV members.
  • The member must contact the RACV Accredited Auto Care Centre where the inspection was completed (the “Inspecting AACC”) prior to having any repair work carried out.
  • Repairs must be authorised by the Inspecting AACC, or RACV, prior to work being undertaken.
  • All repairs are to be conducted at an approved RACV Accredited Auto Care Centre (the “Repairer”). The Repairer may be the Inspecting AACC (at the member’s discretion)
  • The member must have the vehicle repaired within 30-days of approving the repairs.
  • The member must pay the Repairer for the full cost of repairs and submit the statement of work and paid invoice to the Inspecting AACC. The Inspecting AACC, upon checking the statement of work and invoice, will reimburse the member for the cost of repair up to the value of $1000 for pre-purchase inspections and $2000 for comprehensive inspections.
  • The mechanical fault must occur within 30-days from the date of the inspection (“the guarantee period”).
  • All claims under the guarantee must be notified to the Inspecting AACC or the RACV Motoring Advisory Line within seven days of the expiry of the guarantee period. Claims notified more than seven days after the expiry date of the guarantee period will not be accepted.
  • The member can make claims under the guarantee up to the limit of the mechanical guarantee ($1000 for pre-purchase inspections and $2000 for comprehensive inspections).
  • The guarantee excludes any items repaired after the inspection; consumables (such as engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, tyres, lighting and batteries); pre-existing faults identified as Observation, Early, Immediate, or Warranty in the inspection report; any item covered under a valid dealer statutory warranty; and any non-mechanical items including body work.

*For the avoidance of doubt, the 30-day mechanical guarantee on vehicle inspections does not apply to a Complimentary Car Maintenance Check.

If you're based in NSW or ACT, NRMA offers vehicle inspection services in both states.