Car Sharing in Melbourne with RACV

What is a windscreen pin pad?

The pin pad is a numeric keypad that is fastened to the vehicle windscreen, it is also known as the windscreen screen pad. It is used to lock/unlock the vehicle doors and start your rental.

How do I get my PIN code?

A six-digit PIN code is sent to you by SMS shortly before your booking commences. Use it to unlock and lock your vehicle. It is unique and only valid for your booking.

How do I start my booking?

  1. Type your six-digit PIN using the windscreen pin pad.
  2. The Pin Pad light will turn green and the vehicle doors will open.
  3. On the in-car screen, press any button, answer the questions asked then start the vehicle and you are on your way!

Ignition keys

Prius – Keys are not needed to start the ignition for the Prius. Place your foot on the brake and press the power button located on the left hand side of the steering wheel. The dash board will light up so you know your ready to go.

ASX – in these vehicles the key is tethered below the dashboard and will need to be used to start the vehicle. You should remove the key from the ignition before ending your rental or locking the car via the pin pad.

I want to keep my vehicle longer than initially planned can I extend the booking?

If the vehicle is booked for another booking you will not be able to extend your booking. You must return the car on time or a late return fee will be applied.

If the vehicle is available, login to your profile, navigate to “current booking” and add the amount of time you want. You can also use the in-car screen under ‘My booking’ menu item. (or use the in-car screen, My booking menu).

You will be automatically charged for additional time.

How do I end my booking?

Use the in-car device to end your booking then get out of the car. Hold down ‘0’ for seven seconds to lock the doors.

What if someone is parked in my spot?

Don’t worry, park in the nearest available spot and let us know by calling 1300 729 047. Take note of the registration, model and colour of the offending car (take a phone photo too if you can) so you can let our team know.

If you park too far away and don’t inform us, you may be charged for failing to return the car to the correct location.

Booking is easy

Free to join and easy to access at our 10 city locations. Take the hassle out of getting around with RACV Car Share.