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Professional driving lessons in Victoria

RACV Drive School is one of Victoria's oldest and largest driving schools, helping educate learner's for over 60 years. Learning to drive with RACV is not just about passing a test but developing the necessary skills to get you home safely, not just today but for life.


  • Driving lessons packages

    Give the gift of driving with a voucher for one, three or five lessons. Members save an additional 10% on our 5-lesson voucher packages.

Types of packages

Types of packages

RACV Member

Standard Rate

45 minute lesson



60 minute lesson



3-lesson voucher (60 min)^

$205 (save $11)

$205 (save $11)

5-lesson voucher (45 min)*

$256.50 (save $28.50)


5-lesson voucher (60 min)*

$324 (save $36)


* Prices effective from 19 December 2022

Why should I choose RACV?

RACV Drive School is one of Victoria’s oldest and largest driving schools, helping educate learner’s for over 60 years. Learning to drive with RACV is not just about passing a test but developing the necessary skills to get you home safely, not just today but for life.

RACV Drive School follows a 6-stage program, that goes beyond the VicRoads 4 stages of learning, to focus on developing better, safer, more confident drivers. You can rest assured knowing all RACV instructors possess a valid working with children’s check, police and background checks, and operate in 5-star ANCAP safety rated vehicles with full comprehensive insurance, including public liability and professional indemnity.

We offer 45- or 60-minute lessons and have instructors in metropolitan Melbourne and select regional areas.

What is the cancellation policy?

Students must provide their instructor with 48 hours notice when cancelling a lesson. The full lesson fee is payable for any lessons cancelled less than 48 hours before the scheduled lesson time.

What do I need to bring to my first lesson?

At your first lesson you will receive an RACV Drive School Training Program to help you keep track of your progress as you build your driving skills and knowledge on the roads. Please ensure you bring your RACV Drive School lesson voucher along for payment to your instructor.

It is a legal requirement that students carry their learners permit whilst driving on Victorian roads, and students will need to carry their logbooks or MyLearners app where applicable. You must also bring/wear glasses or corrective lenses if required for driving.

Can a parent/guardian sit in on a lesson?

Yes, parents/guardians can sit in the backseat of a learner’s lesson or part thereof if desired. This gives you a chance to observe a lesson in progress and pick up any tips and tricks to support you as a supervising driver and get to know your instructor a little better. After sitting in on one lesson we recommend leaving it over to instructor and student to ensure they can focus on developing their road craft skills without too many distractions.

If you would like to sit in on a lesson, please discuss options with your instructor.

Do you provide vehicles for lessons, or do I need my own car?

All RACV Drive School instructors are equipped with 5-star ANCAP safety rated vehicles, so you don’t need to worry about having your own vehicle yet. Our fleet possesses the latest technology and safety features, including dual controls to provide extra support to learner’s who aren’t yet confident on the roads.

Our instructors hold a formal qualification in car driving instruction and have full comprehensive insurance, including Public Liability and Professional Indemnity.

Can you help me with converting my overseas license?

If living in Victoria for more than six months, you will need to convert your overseas licence to a Victorian one. This applies to any foreign nationals regardless of their visa status, including temporary and permanent visa holders. Depending on your country of origin and how long you have held your licence, you may be required to pass a Drive Test with VicRoads. Learn more about driving in Victoria with an international driver's licence.

RACV can support you converting your overseas licence and help prepare you for the VicRoads Drive Test. Book in with one of our instructors for a lesson before going for your test to get an overview of what you need to know driving on Victorian roads.

You can filter instructor’s based on language using our find an instructor tool if required.

How many driving lessons do I need in Victoria?

While there is no minimum number of professional driving lessons in Victoria, you must be at least 18 years old and complete at least 120 hours of supervised driving prior to obtaining your probationary driver licence. Learner drivers must also complete at least 20 hours of driving at night prior to their drive test and be confident driving in a variety of conditions. These requirements only apply to learners under the age of 21.

We recommend at least 5-10 hours with a professional instructor depending on your level of confidence and point in your learning to drive journey.

While you don’t need professional driving lessons, using an instructor ensures you develop the right road safety skills to become a safe and confident solo driver. Students using professional instructors also have a higher chance of passing on their first attempt.

What will my driving test and licence cost me?

There are three costs of getting your licence:

1. The instructor and car
Book your instructor for a 45, 60 or 90-minute test lesson on the day of your test if you would like to complete your probationary drive test with them. This gives you some lesson time with the instructor beforehand, use of their car during the test and time to get home. The duration of your probationary licence test may vary. Please discuss instructor availability prior to booking with VicRoads.

2. Taking the test
The test is in two parts, which you’ll need to book and pay directly with VicRoads:

·         Hazard perception test
·         Practical driving test

3. Your probationary licence
Once you pass your test, you then need to pay for your licence with VicRoads. Under the new Motorist Package, fees for the Online Hazard Perception Test and Probationary licence will be waived from August 15, 2022.

Summary of costs

Summary of costs

45-minute lesson

60-minute lesson

90-minute lesson

RACV Drive School*




Hazard Perception test^

$0 (online)

$39 (in-person)

$0 (online)

$39 (in-person)

$0 (online)

$39 (in-person)

Practical driving test (appointment fee included)




Probationary licence fee





*Test only option ($147) also available. Note you are not required to use an RACV instructor to complete your test, however your car must meet the VicRoads requirements.
^The test fee ($19.40) for Online Hazard Perception Test is waived on first attempt. Fee must be paid if required to retake the test.

Things to keep in mind:

·         If you cancel your test within 48 hours, the full RACV Drive School lesson fee will be charged, and VicRoads cancellation fees will also apply
·         VicRoads charge a payment fee when using VISA or Mastercard
·         The prices above are correct from 19 December 2022

Find out more about VicRoads licence and learner permit fees.