Check keys check kids

Do you know where your keys are?

RACV’s Check Keys Check Kids campaign aims to remind parents about the dangers of children being locked in cars, particularly on hot days. This campaign focusses on incidents where children have been accidentally locked into cars, to help reduce these incidents.

RACV attends an average of four incidents a day where children have been locked into cars. The majority of these are accidental and can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Tips to avoid locking your children in the car

  • Wind windows down in case the car automatically locks.
  • Never let children play with keys as they can accidentally lock the car.
  • Avoid distraction when loading and unloading the car.
  • Have an easy way to hold on to your keys, such as using RACV’s free lanyard, to avoid an accidental lockout.

Lanyards are available free of charge from RACV shops.