10 road rules you may not know

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1. Creeping over a stop line at a red light in anticipation of a green light is illegal. Reg. 56.

2. A single continuous dividing line can be crossed to enter or exit a road, as well as entering an angle parking space on the opposite side of the road, provided the driver does not make a U-turn to reach the parking space. Reg. 134.

3. Public buses and taxis are able to stop on a length of road where there is a clearway sign if they are dropping off or picking up passengers. Reg. 176.

4. A disability parking permit holder is entitled to park for twice the time indicated by a time-based parking sign. Reg. 206.

5. Reversing into angled parking spaces (30°, 45° and 60°) is only permitted when a sign indicates ‘rear in’. Otherwise, vehicles must drive into angled parking spaces. Reg. 210.

6. The use of hazard lights while a car is moving is only permitted when driving in hazardous conditions (for example fog or smoke), if the vehicle is slow-moving and obstructing or may obstruct other vehicles or pedestrians, or if it is in an emergency stopping lane. Reg. 221.

7. Drivers are not allowed to use high-beam headlights within 200 metres of an oncoming vehicle, or when there is a vehicle travelling ahead in the same direction within 200 metres. A driver may briefly switch to high-beam prior to overtaking. Reg. 218.

8. A driver must have full control of their vehicle. However, there is no rule specifically restricting drivers from wearing high heels or thongs. Reg. 297.

9. Riders delivering mail for Australia Post using either a bicycle or motorcycle may drive on paths provided that they give way to all pedestrians, do not exceed 10km/h and take reasonable precautions. Reg. 288.

10. Reversing out of a driveway is not illegal. But the driver must give way to all vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists already on the road or footpath and only reverse if it is safe to do so. Reg. 296.

Odd rule 1: Horse in a roundabout

The rider of an animal or bicycle in the far left marked lane of a roundabout with two or more marked lanes, or the far left line of traffic in a roundabout ... must give way to any vehicle leaving the roundabout. Reg. 119.

Odd rule 2: Animals and motorbikes

You can’t drive with an animal on your lap, unless you’re a farmer on a motorbike and it’s for less than 500 metres. Reg 297.

Written by RACV
March 23, 2017

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