In respect of cyclists and drivers, who gets right of way?

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All road users need to treat each other with respect, and remember that the Road Rules talk about ‘giving way’, not who has ‘right of way’. Under the rules, no user has ‘right of way’.

Drivers: Drivers may only travel in a bike lane for up to 50m if entering or leaving the road, avoiding an obstruction, passing a right-turning vehicle or parking (if allowed).

Drivers must not cause a hazard to a rider or a pedestrian by opening a car door or getting out of a vehicle. Use your mirrors and do a head check before opening a door.

Although not a rule, RACV recommends drivers give 1m clearance when overtaking a rider, increasing to 1.5m if travelling 60km/h or more.

Bicycle riders: Riders can be two abreast at no more than 1.5m apart. Another rider may overtake.

Riders can travel on the left of a vehicle, unless the vehicle is indicating or turning left, and they can turn right from the left lane at a roundabout. On a roundabout with two or more lanes or lines of traffic, riders in the left lane must give way to any vehicle leaving the roundabout.

Bike riders must use a bike lane when provided in the direction of travel, unless it is impractical to do so, they must not cause a hazard by moving into the path of a driver or pedestrian, and they must dismount to use a pedestrian crossing.

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Written by RACV’s Emily McLean

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