Do parking restrictions and paid parking apply on a public holiday?

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Parking restrictions vary on public holidays depending on the additional restriction information on signs.

The Road Rules state that on a declared public holiday, signs which apply to specific days of the week are not applicable. If a public holiday falls on a Monday, and the restriction is 2P Mon-Fri, the restriction does not apply.

Other signs that restrict parking (i.e. Loading Zone Mon-Fri) or impose other restrictions would also not apply.

If the parking sign has words to the effect of ‘including public holidays’, then the restrictions on the sign will apply.

If there are no days of operation specified on the sign, i.e. 2P, then the parking restriction applies every day, including public holidays.

Most ticket machines will indicate if a parking fee is not required on a particular day but older machines may not. In a paid parking area, on a public holiday you are only required to pay if the sign has no days of operation stated or specifically includes public holidays.

Remember to always check the parking signs before leaving your vehicle.

Published in RoyalAuto Feb 2016

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