How close can you park to a fire hydrant?

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Fire hydrant on street

What is the rule regarding parking on or near fire hydrants?

B. Oldridge, Frankston

A driver must not stop within one metre of a fire hydrant, fire hydrant indicator or fire plug indicator unless the driver is driving: a public bus, and the driver stops at a bus stop or in a bus zone and does not leave the bus unattended; or a taxi, and the driver stops in a taxi zone and does not leave the taxi unattended.

The location of a fire hydrant is generally marked with blue reflective indicators located on marker posts or existing poles and blue cat’s eyes on the road so they can be identified at night. White triangles on the road indicate the direction of the fire hydrant.

For post boxes, a driver must not stop within three metres unless dropping off or picking up passengers or mail, unless signs indicate otherwise.

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