How to do a P-turn on Hoddle Street

RACV RoyalAuto magazine

From Monday 16 April, Melbourne road users will encounter so-called P-turns on Hoddle Street for the first time.

The first intersection to change is Johnston Street, where drivers will need to do a P-turn to go right, allowing for more through traffic to flow along Hoddle Street on a green light.

To go right from Hoddle Street onto Johnston Street at all times, you will travel through the intersection, do a U-turn, then turn left. To go right from Johnston Street onto Hoddle Street at peak times you will turn left, do a U-turn and travel through the intersection. Signs and markings on the road will help drivers travel through the intersection.

Also, new Hoddle Street and Punt Road clearways will start between the Eastern Freeway and the Yarra River, and VicRoads works will move from the centre median to the outside edge of the road.

Written by RACV
April 11, 2018