Who gives way at a roundabout?

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Cars travel around a roundabout

Please clarify who gives way at a roundabout. I believe it is whoever gets there first – but everyone seems to think it is ‘give way to the right’.

D. Sears, Geelong

When entering a roundabout, a driver must give way to any vehicle, including bicycles, in the roundabout and any tram entering or approaching the roundabout.

In many cases, this will mean giving way to vehicles approaching from the right. However, a vehicle may have entered the roundabout ahead of the driver from the left, and the driver will have to give way to this other vehicle to avoid a collision.

When entering a roundabout, it is not compulsory to come to a complete stop, unless it is done to avoid a collision. Roundabouts are meant to flow, and stopping unnecessarily is hazardous.

  • We have been contacted by members concerned that other drivers think they have ‘right of way’ when entering a roundabout. The rules always talk about who must ‘give way’ as no road user has a ‘right of way’. We have covered this issue previously.

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Written by Emily McLean
August 16, 2017

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