Do you have to stop for pedestrians when the crossings flags are not displayed?

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All too often while driving around Gippsland I come to a school crossing with no flags displayed and find some motorist who doesn’t know the road rules on these stopping to let a pedestrian cross with no safety of flags.

My understanding of the Victorian Road Rules is a school crossing is only an authorised crossing when flags are displayed.

Gary Mitchell, Yallourn

Children’s crossings are only in operation when flags are displayed. When flags are displayed, drivers must not proceed through the crossing if children or adults are still on the crossing or about to start crossing. This is the law regardless of the presence of a crossing supervisor.

When children’s crossings flags are not displayed, pedestrians should give way to passing road traffic.

Drivers should always use caution when approaching children’s crossings when children are present. Not every child will know or remember the different rules.

October 2018

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