Where to find Victorian road rules

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Various Victorian road signs

The best place to refresh your knowledge of the current road rules is VicRoads’ Road To Solo Driving handbook. This costs around $15 from RACV shops, VicRoads Customer Service Centres or by calling VicRoads on (03) 8391 3255.

It can be downloaded free from VicRoads.

The handbook is aimed at learner drivers but is full of great information. Part four outlines the current road rules. It is available in English, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Turkish and Vietnamese.

The Road Safety Road Rules 2017 is the legislation setting out the rules in Victoria and is more than 500 pages. This is free to download from legislation.vic.gov.au (search for Road Safety Road Rules under Victorian Law Today). You can buy a hard copy from the SAI Global Bookshop at 85 Buckhurst Street, South Melbourne. Copies are printed on demand, so call ahead on 13 12 42.

VicRoads also has common rule explanations in the Safety and Road Rules section at vicroads.vic.gov.au.

Emily McLean
Published in RoyalAuto Oct 2016. Updated March 2018.