RACV Bike Assist

RACV Bike Assist is emergency roadside assistance for cyclists. If your bike can’t be ridden due to an accident, mechanical problem or puncture, one call to us and and we will send an expert to fix the problem.

If we’re unable to fix the problem or you can’t ride on for other reasons, we’ll arrange to get you and your bike home, or to a place of repair. 

RACV Bike Assist also covers electric bikes.

By purchasing RACV Bike Assist, you become an RACV member. Find out about all RACV's great membership benefits.

If you have Home Insurance, and recently received a letter from us about Bike Assist, please click for terms and conditions.

  • 24/7 service

    RACV Bike Assist operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just call 13 11 11 for assistance.

  • 8 call outs a year

    RACV Bike Assist gives you up to eight service calls per subscription year to help get you going again.

  • Taxi transport

    If we can't fix the problem on the spot, you get a taxi for you and your bike to your chosen destination. Up to $50 cover.

Call 13 72 28 to get RACV Bike Assist.

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