We won't leave you stranded on the side of the road. For just $47 per year, we'll get you and your bike home safely.

  • Punctured or flat tyre

    Our patrol vans carry a variety of tyre tubes, ready to help replace your punctured tyre in metro Melbourne. If we haven’t got your tube size on hand, we’ll arrange a taxi for you.

  • Too tired to ride

    Whether you’re exhausted, injured or your plans change unexpectedly, we’ll organise a maxi taxi to get you and your bike where you need to be (up to the value of $50 per trip).

  • Severe weather

    You can’t always rely on the weather throughout your ride. If you happen to get caught, we’re here to help - rain, hail or shine.

24/7 assistance, including nights and public holiday
Call RACV Bike Assist on 13 11 11 anytime you’re unable to ride and we’ll find the best solution for you.

Up to 8 callouts, Victoria-wide
Ride with confidence when the unexpected happens throughout the year.

Save with RACV Member benefits
Access a range of exclusive discounts and offers, from fuel, movie tickets and Woolworths gift cards, to accommodation, attractions, and events.

Taxi service
If you’re unable to continue riding for any reason, we’ll call a taxi to take you and your bike to your chosen location (up to the value of $50 per trip).

This is a summary only – terms and conditions apply. For the full details refer to the RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance Terms and Conditions.

  1. 1. Call RACV Bike Assist

    When in need, call 13 11 11 and let us know your name and location. We're here to take your call 24/7, 365 days a year.

  2. 2. Wait for help

    We’ll register the job and send either a maxi taxi to get you moving or one of our patrol vans to replace your tyre tube. If you have a preference, let us know when you call.

  3. 3. Get on your way again

    If we’ve sent you a maxi taxi, simply tell the driver where you'd like to go (up to $50 per trip). If we sent you a patrol, the mechanic will replace most tyres in under 10 minutes.

Woman smiling on her bike wearing a helmet

Getting you home safely

Bike Assist is worth its weight in gold. One time, they took the bike and I all the way down to Cheltenham to my bike shop. I didn’t expect RACV to go that extra yard. I would never be without RACV ever again.

- Jen, Noble Park

2 Bike riders leaning down and adjusting their bikes

Repairing tyres and tubes

Bike Assist is a really handy back up plan. If anything goes wrong you can easily get home, free of charge. One time I had punctured both the outer tyre and inner tube. I called RACV and they were here in 20 min.

- Tim, Collingwood

2 Bike riders leaning down and adjusting their bikes

Replacing your bike tube

Got a punctured tyre in a metropolitan area?

Save a trip to the bike shop — we can solve the issue on the spot with our on-road patrol service. Our technicians carry a variety of bike tube sizes to fit your specific wheel. We can also use your spare (if you carry one whilst riding) to replace the tube.

Due to the range and variation in e-bike types, we’re not able to replace punctured tyres on the spot.



Diameter (inches)

Width (mm)

Valve length/type











1.5-2.5 [in]






Bike rider pointing to the RACV Assist sticker on his orange bike

What type of bikes can we help with?

We know every cyclist is different so we cover a range of bike types, including:

  • mountain bikes 
  • road bikes
  • hybrid bikes
  • folding bikes
  • speed bikes
  • cargo bikes
  • touring bikes
  • e-bikes or electronic bikes

You can buy RACV Bike Assist separately, or it's included in RACV Total Care at no additional cost. Prices valid as of 1 August 2023 and are subject to change.

Card colour

Card colour

Member discount

Price per annum
















Gold 50+



Can you help if my e-bike stops working?

We’ll always send a suitable taxi to bring you and your e-bike to your chosen destination after a breakdown (up to $50 value). This includes maxi taxis.

Due to the range and variation in e-bike types, we may not be able to replace all punctured tyres on the spot.

What is covered in the puncture repair?

If you get a punctured or flat tyre whilst riding in metro Melbourne, we’ll send a patrol to come replace your inner tube.

Our patrols carry a variety of bicycle tubes to replace your damaged one. If you carry a spare tube, we can also fit that for you.

If we don’t carry your specific tube, or you’re outside of metropolitan Melbourne, we’ll organise a taxi to bring you and your bike to your preferred destination.

Call us on 13 11 11 and we can arrange the best option.

I need help now, can I join on the spot?

Yes, if you don’t have RACV Bike Assist, we can sign you up when you call. 

There are no waiting periods - you can access Bike Assist services as soon as you’ve joined.

Can I use Bike Assist if I’m in another state?

RACV Bike Assist is currently only operating in Victoria.

We’ll arrange a taxi service to bring you and your bike to a chosen destination and will cover up to $50 for the taxi callout.

If you need to repair a punctured tyre, we help cyclists in metropolitan Melbourne.

Will my bike fit in a taxi?

Yes, we’ll arrange an appropriately sized vehicle that will fit your bike. Most of the time this will be a maxi taxi.

We’ll send a taxi to anywhere you’ve stopped riding in Victoria, and bring you and your bike to your chosen destination.

Call us on 13 11 11 if you can no longer ride for any reason.

Can I only use Bike Assist if there’s an issue with my bike?

You can use RACV Bike Assist for more than just bike breakdowns. Our service is available for a range of purposes, for any reason that stops or prevents your ride.

Things like:

  • unsuitable weather conditions (rain, heat or wind)
  • injury and physical exhaustion
  • change in riding plans
  • bicycle breakdown (broken spoke, flat battery, punctured or flat trye)
  • getting lost
  • no water or hydration.

Is insurance included in Bike Assist?

No, Bike Assist doesn’t cover personal injury, third party or theft insurance.

You can insure your bike as a portable item in your Contents Insurance policy.

If you’d like additional cover for a physical emergency or injury, you might consider ambulance cover.

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