24/7 Mobile Car Battery Replacement

We'll come to you 24/7 across Greater Melbourne and Geelong.

  • Mobile battery service

    Call us or book your battery replacement online. You can choose a time that suits you.

  • RACV Members save $15 on car batteries

    This discount applies on the recommended retail price of batteries we supply. Enter your member number when you book online, or show your card to our battery technician.

  1. Provide your vehicle details

    Visit RACV Batteries and tell us your vehicle make, model and year. 

  2. Select your battery

    Pick your battery from our recommended options. Check our advice below on types of batteries.

  3. Enter your location

    We’ll come to you at home, work, or wherever you prefer, in Greater Melbourne and Geelong.

  4. Book a time

    Pick a day and time that suits you. We’ll email a reminder the day before and text you when we’re on our way.

We test and assess your vehicle
Our technicians will check if you need a new battery, or if we can fix your current battery.


If you don't need a new battery
You won't be charged if you're an Emergency Roadside Assistance member. Non-members will incur a $30 call out fee. 

We'll replace your battery if required 
When we've finished installing your new battery, you can pay via EFTPOS, Visa or Mastercard. 

Not sure about the right battery for your vehicle? Check which batteries we recommend for different vehicles.

  • Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

    This is the industry-recognised standard for rating a battery’s starting power. Higher-rated CCA batteries last longer and perform better than lower CCA-rated batteries.

  • Amp hour (Ah) rating

    This rating is a way of describing a battery's capacity. It describes the capacity of a battery based on a discharge period of 20 hours.

  • 4WD batteries

    Our 4WD batteries have higher CCA for greater starting power, hot-melt glue over the plates to prevent vibration damage and eliminate acid leakage.

  • Idle Stop Start (ISS) technology

    If you have an ISS equipped vehicles you’ll need an EFB or AGM battery. With ISS, the vehicle’s engine automatically shuts down when the vehicle is stationary instead of idling. It restarts when you need to move again.

  • Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB)

    These batteries are often fitted to vehicles with ISS. They are an enhanced version of the standard calcium battery. They can withstand the increased cranking and cycling demanded by vehicles with ISS.

  • Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries

    This battery uses a non-woven glass mat to separate the plates. The glass mat absorbs and retains enough electrolyte to operate. Each cell has a one-way valve to manage cell pressure. 

Does my car battery need to be registered?

Some vehicles are equipped with Battery Management Systems (BMS) which require new batteries to be registered with the system. In most instances, RACV Batteries technicians will perform this registration on applicable vehicles.

Price match guarantee

Price Match Guarantee is only available to purchases made within the Melbourne metropolitan area by RACV customers and must be based on a like for like battery (same Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) rating and battery construction) delivered and installed with comparable warranty. Claims need to be made within four weeks of the battery purchase date.

For more information, refer to the full terms and conditions.