Simple Mulled Wine recipe

Mulled wine in a glass with lemon and cloves

Alice Piper

Posted October 25, 2021

Spicy and fruity: Our take on classic mulled wine is perfect this festive season.

A beverage that dates to the Roman Empire, mulled wine is synonymous with sitting by the fire in your winter woollies.

However, our twist on mulled wine is something you can enjoy all year round and even serve as a simple alternative to traditional cocktails such as an Espresso Martini.

Our friends at Bourke Street Green have kindly shared how to take a bottle of local shiraz and turn it into a crowd-pleasing masterpiece – perfect timing with the festive season right around the corner.

Fresh apples, oranges, black pepper, and cinnamon are some the secrets behind the beverage’s fruity and spicy flavour. Combined with shiraz gin produced by Victoria’s very own Four Pillars Gin Distillery, Rob’s only advice when producing mulled wine is to balance the use of spices.

“Be careful with the spices as they are quite strong flavours, so no more than two or three of each,” he says.

Follow along with Rob in the below video and for more food and drink recipes, click here.

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