Spicy Margerie cocktail recipe

two cocktails on a bench with chilli and lime

Alice Piper

Posted August 29, 2022

For a twist on a classic margarita cocktail that really packs a spicy punch, this Spicy Margerie cocktail recipe is just the tonic for chilli lovers. 

There’s something that hits differently about the perfect margarita cocktail, and then another feeling entirely when it’s laced with chilli and spice, coating the throat with a tingle that makes you sit up and breathe in a little quicker.   

For some time, the team at Bourke Street Green have been introducing Melburnians to new flavour combinations inspired by local ingredients. The latest creation is their take on the classic margarita cocktail, the Spicy Margerie, a variation that RACV Bar Manager Rob Pierce says gives the drinker a little bit more heat.  

“With a salted chilli rim and hell fire bitters to give it that little extra kick, the Spicy Margerie cocktail is great for those looking for less tartness than in a margarita, and more spice,” he says.  

For those who like their cocktails really spicy, Pierce recommends increasing the amount of bitters used in the cocktail recipe.  

“I personally like a bit of spice, so try five drops of the bitters,” Pierce says.  

So, if you’re looking to satisfy your spicy side, or want to impress your friends or family at the next celebratory occasion, get the cocktail shaker ready and try this recipe.

Spicy Margerie cocktail recipe  



Time to make

10 minutes




  • 45ml Callé 23 Blanco
  • 15ml Marionette Orange curaçao

  • 30ml lime juice 

  • Bittermans ‘hellfire’ habanero shrub bitters


  1. Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice

  2. Shake

  3. Pour into a chilli salt rimmed glass over ice

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